Pregnancy: 6 Tips For A Comfortable Last Trimester

Pregnancy: 6 Tips For A Comfortable Last Trimester

By Fem Side on March 19, 2014
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Pregnancy is hard on the body, but the last trimester is often considered the hardest. This is the point where the baby weighs more and uses up more of your nutrients. You can suffer back pain, struggling with aching legs and hips and may just constantly feel tired. You need to make this trimester as comfortable as possible and here are six great tips.

1. Slip-On, No Heeled Shoes

Avoid heels as much as you can. Not only will they quickly become uncomfortable, but they will also cause stability issues. Your centre of gravity changes during this last trimester because of the positioning of the baby. You’ll also find your feet swell considerably, so having slip-on shoes is something to think about.

2. Comfortable Trousers


You may have been a jeans or tight trousers lover before pregnancy, but right now you want to focus on comfort.

Look out for jogging bottoms or stretchy trousers that are comfortable over the bump and on your legs. Skirts and dresses are often a great idea because they offer you the extra movement that you need.

3. Accept Help—Or Ask for It

There is still a lot of stuff to do in the house. You may still have baby stuff to put up, or it may just be the housework. Whether you’ve taken early maternity leave or not, accepting help around the house is a great way to feel more comfortable during this time.

If the help hasn’t been offered yet, call your friends and ask for it. You’ll also find that the socialising will do you some good.

4. Pregnancy Exercises

Exercising is still important right now. The right exercises will help with easing labour and making delivery quicker. There are a range of pregnancy exercises that your health professional will be able to give you. You could also join various antenatal classes to make sure you’re doing the exercises properly and safely.

5. Treat Yourself


You may be tired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. In fact, treating yourself can be very refreshing and help give you a boost in energy.

Book a manicure or pedicure, or take a trip to a spa—just make sure they are safe for your baby. You don’t even need to spend that much on treating yourself. Sit on the couch and watch your favourite movies on your day off work.

6. Get a Massage

Massages are great for pregnant women. They help to ease the stress on your back that the extra weight from the baby is putting on it. However, you need to make sure the massage is safe for your baby. Book in with a pregnancy massage professional.

7. Invest in a Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are not a fad. They are a great investment, and can even help with breastfeeding and the first nights with your little one. The pillow supports your bump during the night, making it easier to sleep. It will also support your legs when you’re on your side.

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