6 Ways To Look More Professional To Your Clients

6 Ways To Look More Professional To Your Clients

By Fem Side on March 20, 2014
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When you’re running a business, you need to make it look professional. This comes from the first look at your website, all the way to your customer service and the quality of your products. Here are six things that you need to do to make yourself and your business look more professional to your clients and customers.

1. Have a Name and Logo That Stand Out

People need something that is memorable at a first glance. Without that, they’re going to forget you even exist. A memorable logo also makes you look more professional because it shows that you are serious about your business. The name is essential if you want people to be able to tell what you do just from looking at the name.

2. Make the Website Look Good


Focus on the design of your website. If it looks messy and your pages are all over the place, it’s going to look bad for your business. Clients get the first impression of you from your website.

If it’s bright, cheerful and organised, potential clients will view your business in the same light. If it’s disorganised, that makes the business look disorganised and clients aren’t going to put their trust in you.

3. Make Sure the Website Works

A great looking website is useless if it doesn’t work properly. You need to check every single link that you put on the page and make sure it goes exactly where you expect.

It’s important to make sure your photos show up and your content is flawless. The smallest issue can turn people away from your business.

4. Be There on Social Media

People use social media so much now. They’ll use the websites to connect with potential businesses and make sure they can offer everything necessary.

The networks are also a chance for potential clients to see just how well you treat your customers. You need to engage with others, answer questions and be polite at all times. Acknowledge complaints and show that you are doing things to try and make it right.

5. Have a Business Card


When you’re out networking, there’s no point trying to get people to remember who you are. The best thing you can do is offer a business card. This needs to have your name, the business name and the contact information clearly written.

Try to keep the business cards crisp and modern to have a professional look. Every time someone asks to know more or shows an interest, have a business card ready to hand out.

6. Keep Your Office Clear and Professional

Even if clients aren’t going to see your office, it’s important to keep it clear and simplistic. This offers one benefit for you: it keeps your mind focused on your work.

There is nothing to cause a loss of paperwork or to drag your thoughts away from the tasks at hand. When people do come to visit, even on the off chance, you will be able to show that you are focused on your work.

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