8 Effective Ways To Stop Snoring Naturally

8 Effective Ways To Stop Snoring Naturally

By Lifestyles | The Trent on December 4, 2014
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About 45% of total adults suffer from the problem of snoring. Are you one of them? Especially, snoring is one of the most embarrassing habits of men and can be a confidence killer. That happens because of the narrower built of men’s breathing passage.

Many of us regard this as simply an irritating habit, but it can be a life taking problem. If your snoring habit gets acute and you are kept awake at nights for gasp of airs, then try to find out, if it is sleep apnea or not. Sleep apnea is a deadly problem that can lead you to death. But there are both natural and medical remedies for snoring that can help you to get rid of snoring.

How Does Snoring Happen?

Snoring happens mainly due to the vibration of floppy tissues in your throat. The breathing passages of men are far narrower than the women have. That creates more vibrant inhalation system which eventually creates the noise. The position of your tongue during sleep hampers the air to move freely through your mouth and nose. For this, the airway gets shallower which can be attributed to making the sound of snoring.

The Main Reasons of Snoring

Snoring happens for different causes. It can be generated from the living habits to the physical state you are in. So while you try to solve the problem of snoring, you have to know first what the influencer to your problem is. The main reasons can be-

1. Age: The first reason can be age. You can notice that the elderly persons snore more than the middle-aged persons. The older you get the narrower your throat becomes and the tissues around your throat gets swallowed.

2. Sleeping position: The way you sleep or the position you get while you are in sleep nictitates the chances of snoring.

3. Physique: The way you are built is one of the major causes of snoring. Many persons are born with narrower throat.

4. Overweight: If you are overweight, then you are more prone to snoring as your air vessels are narrower than the people with normal weight.

Nasal problems: Many people have nasal problems and sinus. These problems create blocks in the airways. Moreover, they create a vacuum in the throat and eventually the snoring comes.

6. Taking alcohol and smoking: It is found that the alcohol is a culprit for narrower throats and smoking does the same in human body. Moreover, the lungs get damaged for these habits.

How It Impacts on Your Life and How Much?

There is no reason to take the snoring habit lightly. Especially it can create gap between partners. How? Most of the cases the partners with these habits try to maintain distance with their partners. They sometimes try to sleep alone in another room, which creates the physical and mental distance.

If you reside in the dorm room, the snoring habit makes you a person of making fun of. Gradually, it hampers your confidence level. Worse scenario, you pet grudge within yourself.

Moreover, if both of you work hard, you have to have a perfect rest in the night. But if you guys are not getting rest enough to be ready for the next day, then it is really a matter of tension for both of you.

How You Should Approach This Problem?

Yes! I know it becomes a matter of resentment between people, but you have to approach it with positivity. You have to attack the problem with everything you have. The first approach should be to talk over it with the persons who are affected for this habit. This will at least make them know that you are aware to this problem and you are trying to cope with that. It can eliminate making fun of you. Then, you can follow the ways to reduce or eliminate the problem of snoring. Still it doesn’t work then go and meet a physician.

If your partner facing the snoring problem, remember you have to be the person who should stand by his/her side to build up a healthy life.

How to Stop Snoring Naturally: 8 Effective Ways

How to Stop Snoring NaturallyAs it is mentioned earlier, you have to start trying to reduce snoring by yourself first. The remedies comes in the form of-

  • Bedtime remedies
  • Throat exercises
  • Lifestyle changes

These are the main ways of treating the snoring naturally. If all of these don’t work out for you, then you have to go to a specialist.

1. Sleep on your side

It is proven that sleeping sidewise reduces the snoring. It may not be very easy task to build the habit of sleeping sidewise, but it actually works. You can use the tennis ball method to build a habit of sleeping sidewise. You can put a tennis ball on your back. So when you sleep on your back the tennis ball makes you to move sideways as sleeping with a tennis ball underneath your back won’t be so comfortable. But the tennis ball tends to move from your back. As a solution you can make a pocket behind your back and put the ball into that pocket.

2. Clean you nasal

A congested nasal system will surely lead to a vacuum throat that will make you snore. You can clean up the mess with Neti pot to grease the airway into your lungs.

3. Keep your bedroom moist

A wet and moist bedroom air system can help you breathing more easily and stop the snoring.

4. Reposition

If you sleep keeping your head four inches above, you can avoid snoring without doing anything else. It depends on the posture of your physique. You can also use specially made pillows to keep the snoring habit away.

5. Avoid caffeine

To prevent snoring, you must avoid heavy meals and caffeine within two hours of getting to bed.

6. Throat exercises

If you have problems with throat that creates the habit of snoring, you should exercise daily to reduce it. The exercises are very easily and lower time consuming.

A) Get your lips perched and hold them 30 seconds

B) Pronounce the vowels each day for 3 minutes repeatedly.

C) Get tongue to the zenith of your front teeth and slide backwards. You need to do it 3 minutes a day.

D) With a mouth wide open you need to move your jaw to the right and left. Each time to each side you have to keep the jaw for 30 seconds.

E) Singing might help you stopping the habit of snoring.

7. Lifestyle Changes

A) Avoid alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking blocks the membranes of nose. So avoid these.

B) Lose weight

The people with overweight usually suffer from snoring. Losing a slight weight can help you in a great deal. The fatty tissues from the back of the throat will reduce snoring.

C) Sleep in a specific way

Different people have different ways of sleeping that can remove snoring. Build the habit of sleeping in that way.

8. Medical Remedies

When all of these won’t work you need to make an appointment with doctors. There are so many ways of removing the bad habit. Even you can go for a surgery. But if these remedies won’t work soon enough, don’t delay for going to doctors.

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