8 Myths About Men That We Have All Been Taught

8 Myths About Men That We Have All Been Taught

By Beauty And Tips on February 24, 2015
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Big boys don’t cry, right? Wrong, big boys do cry, but they’re just really good at hiding it. That’s only one of the many myths about men that we’ve all been taught to believe that simply aren’t true. Many of these myths are perpetuated by men themselves who believe that, if they don’t act like they think they should, they will be expelled from the big boy’s gang by the other males. Let’s strip all that masculinity away for a moment and bust, wide open, eight of the myths that we have all been taught about men:

Myth 1: ‘Physicality’ is all that matters to men

It is a fact that men think about physical intimacy more often, than women do and guys do have a higher drive into that direction, but it is far from all that matters to a man. In fact, the thing that most men are seeking, above all else, is a solid and reliable partner, and they see intimacy is a positive affirmation of that relationship. The other thing that perpetuates this myth is that men can think about ‘physicality’ in practically any situation, whereas a woman is looking more for the right moment and the right setting.

Myth 2: Men feel intimidated by strong women

If a man feels intimidated by someone, it makes no difference if that other person is a man or a woman and, in fact, many men find strong, creative and confident women with an interesting personality very attractive.

Myth 3: Men have no emotions

This is, probably, one of the most common myths about men. The truth is though, that men can actually be even more emotional than women, it’s just that the common image of masculinity does not allow a man to show his emotions and they’re taught that from a very early age.

Myth 4: A man can’t have a female friend without him thinking about having physical intimacy with her

A man can have an innocent friendship with a woman just as easily, as a woman can have one with another man. Of course, people can look at member of the opposite gender and find them attractive, but that doesn’t mean that they are about to jump into bed with them.

Myth 5: Men are reluctant to commit

It’s not that men don’t want to commit, it’s just that darned masculine image thing again. Men do want to commit and they do want steady relationships, but they don’t want to appear soft or in need of some emotional support. Most men value loyalty immensely and want nothing more, than a steady relationship upon which they can rely.

Myth 6: Men are tough skinned

Men can be hurt emotionally just as easily, as women can, and when a man gets hurt, that hurt can go a lot deeper, than he will let you see. He is taught as a child not to show pain, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel it, especially, if the wound is to his masculine pride.

Myth 7: A man judges a woman by her looks

It is quite likely that a man will look first and then judge, but judge he will and it won’t be only based on looks. Men do look at the women and, sometimes, they do it at the most inappropriate times, but that’s just a quick visual thrill. What really matters to a man, is a woman who is attractive to his heart and to his mind, not just his eyes.

Myth 8: Men put their careers first

Most men do take their jobs, careers and businesses seriously, but their job is not what makes them who they are. Men are taught to be competitive and try to excel at whatever they do. This, combined with their need to be seen as the provider, means that it can appear that men will put their careers before everything else, even though this is rarely the case.

How to understand men? What other myths about men we all should stop believing?

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