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BREAKING: Justice Ademola, Arrested By SSS, Withdraws From Dasuki’s Case

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‎Adeniyi Ademola, justice of the federal high court, has withdrawn from the trial of Sambo Dasuki, a former national security adviser of Nigeria.

Justice Ademola is one of the judges targeted in the crackdown by the country’s secret police, the State Security Services, SSS, also known by the acronym of its mailing address, the DSS.

Ademola announced his decision to withdraw from the trial before the court on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

He cited allegations of corruption levelled against him by the SSS, which is the prosecution in the case, as the reason for his action.

The SSS raided Ademola’s house, and arrested him in the midnight of October 8, 2016.

The secret police claimed it found huge sums of money — foreign currencies — in his possession.

How SSS Agents Threatened To Kill Justice Ademola

Justice Ademola, last week, revealed disturbing details of the midnight operation by agents of the secret police.

In a letter dated Tuesday, October 11, 2026 to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mahmud Mohammed, Justice Ademola, a royal prince of Egbaland, recounts the nightmarish attack on his home by the rampaging DSS operatives.

The document, exclusively obtained by The Trent, contains chilling details of how SSS operatives broke into his house in the night. At several points in the 6-hour operation, Justice Ademola was threatened at gunpoint to sign documents – whose content he doesn’t know.

The SSS agent, said to be up to 45- pointed guns at him at least twice and threatened to shoot the federal judge. One of the agents even said that if they killed him, there was no record of them being at his home and he ” just would die for nothing”.

According to Justice Ademola, when the agents knocked down his doors and finally gained entry into his bedroom. They told him that they had already recovered undisclosed amounts of cash in the visitor’s room downstairs.

The SSS agents refused to disclose the amount of cash they recovered, but went on to force him to sign a document admitting certain items that were found in his house. He says he was never allowed to read the document to know its content and signed the document at gunpoint, just to save his life.

At a point, one of the agents sneered at Justice Ademola and disclosed that the DSS action against him was because he granted bail to Sambo Dasuki, a former national security adviser, and Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of secessionist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. Both Dasuki and Kanu remain incarcerated by the Buhari government in disobedience to the court orders granting them bail.

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