Outrage: American Company Makes Ebola T-Shirt To Ridicule Nigeria

Outrage: American Company Makes Ebola T-Shirt To Ridicule Nigeria [LOOK]

By Eseme MacDonald | Associate Editor on October 20, 2014

An American company has decided to take advantage of the recent Ebola outbreak in Nigeria to make some money by designing a t-shirt to ridicule Nigeria.

Ebola T-shirt from an American Country to ridicule Nigeria (Photo Credit: MentalPoo of Salem)

Here is the message on the T-shirt: “I went to Nigeria, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and Ebola.”

The shirt was created By MentalPoo of Salem, New Hampshire and is being sold by Zazzle Apparel for $25.95(N4289.53).

The product description reads: “Hop on the hip new Ebola craze! Tell everyone you’re a world class traveler AND probably have a deadly communicable disease with this Nigerian souvenir tee!”

This comes even as Nigeria was officially declared Ebola free today by the World Health Organisation after a Liberian-American man, Patrick Sawyer brought Ebola to Nigeria in July 2014.


  1. Well Americans have always been known to be dumb and ignorant. I guess its only getting worse considering that in 2014 and with access to education, books and more information than ever before they can still be this ignorant.

    China is now the largest economy on earth. I figure that technologically the US is lagging behind most countries. Yet Hollywood makes movies to depict the US as above all other countries. As a matter of fact, the only life that matters to America is an American life, every other person is expendable.

    It is time USA woke up to the fact that its people are dumb, ignorant and a danger to themselves

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