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10 Dos And 7 Don’ts For Beautiful Skin

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Maintaining A Naturally Beautiful Skin Has Never Been Easier

Keeping your skin looking young and flawless requires very little to do with chemicals. Rather, take the time to check your lifestyle choices and habits. These may be contributing a great deal in how your skin looks, and feels. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a beautiful skin.

1.   Use SPF Sunscreen

Maintaining a young and glowing skin has a lot to do with exposure to the sun. Limit the amount spent directly under the sun, and you will reduce aging wrinkles. Sunscreen with a rating of 15 is recommended to keep ultraviolet rays at bay.

weight woman eating-fruits-and-vegetables_Fotor

2.   Healthy Diets

Adhering to a strict diet is never easy. Most foods have a combination of healthy and unhealthy ingredients. However, eating foods that are reach in vitamins, fiber and of course water, will prevent toxins sticking to your skin. Eat nuts and fish to remove excessive oils from your body, which in turn will prevent these substances from making a home on your skin

3.   Use Moisturizers

Applying FDA approved cleansers and moisturizers helps to masks. These masks help your skin to retain water, which will prevent skin-breakage and lethargy. Moisturizers also protect your skin from too much dust, and sun, when they have some SPF in them.

At the spa for the facials (Credit: Stephanie Daily)

4. Facials

Using credible creams for deep pore cleansing is always a fantastic way to get rid of dirt. These facials should take into account the concentration of chemicals involved. A healthy facial may include natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, but nothing that involves skin lightening.

5. Exfoliate

Grab a scrub with some light beads and rub gently onto your skin. This gives the skin on your face some room to breathe. Because this activity removes dead skin cells, it is recommended that you exfoliate no more than twice; doing it more may cause sever inflammation or irritation.

6. Moderate Makeup Usage

Obviously, the more makeup you use the more of it you have to wash off. The chemical makeup of makeups, also makes it a not-so-healthy alternative to healthy and beautiful skin. Using makeup in moderation helps your skin radiate on its own. With time, your natural beauty will be enhanced without chemical-applications.


7. Rest

We cannot emphasize the need for adequate rest. Putting your body through undue stress inevitably causes skin to break out. Whether it is an office power-nap or an eight-hour sleep, your body will capitalize on this time to repair itself. This stands especially true for those who exercise, without taking adequate rest afterward.


8. Exercise

Take time to exercise, no matter how short the duration may be. On that note, too much exercise will leave you dehydrated which is not particularly good for your skin. Maintaining a good water weight is recommended in order to avoid even more wrinkles. Drink lots of water after every exercise session.

9. Stress Management

We cannot overemphasize the need to reduce stress. Stress related skin problems are health related as well. These are known to lead to even more grave complications. Reduce stress in your life and notice your skin begin to glow. First signs of excessive stress are noticeable in the form of wrinkles and pimples. You can easily avoid having to pop or exfoliate simply by avoiding stress in the first place.

drinking water water

10. Hydrate

Staying hydrated brings a natural glow to your skin that cleansing won’t. Drinking a few pints of water a day brings moisture to your skin. This water intake also rids your body of unwanted chemicals. It is the most affordable remedy to restore good-looking skin.

7 Don’ts for Beautiful Skin

Now that we’ve covered what to do in order to achieve that rejuvenated look, let’s take a look at what we shouldn’t do.


1. Smoking

For the love of your skin, your body and everything in between, do not smoke. Your skin needs a healthy amount of nutrients, and oxygen to maintain its healthy look. When you smoke, you reduce the amount of oxygen channeled to your skin. This leads to breakage and early aging.

2. Sunbathing

Not so much sunbathing per se, but doing so without proper sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays are infamous for causing skin cancer. Do not spend too much time under direct sunlight either. This dehydrates the skin, making it lethargic and unmanageable.

3. Popping

Do not pop or cut out pimples from your face. These bumps have stuff in them that will spread to other parts of your skin. The scars that are left will also take longer to disappear. Popping and scarring may cause you to buy more cleansers, which is not good for a beautiful skin.

4. Using Lemon

This is a no-no unless it is part of the ingredients making up a moisturizer. Even so, not all skins are created equal. A super sensitive skin may become severely irritated and even burnt from the lemon’s citric acid.

too much makeup

5. Excessive Makeup

We all love to look extra cute with some highlights on our faces. This extra cuteness can come at a cost if you do not highlight in moderation. Also, once you decide to retire for the night, take the necessary steps to ensure you wash off ALL signs of makeup. This makeup will usually host dirt and other toxins in it, from your daily activities.                    

6. Avoid High Sugar Intake

On the subject of hydration and good, healthy diets, avoid at all costs sugars from sports drinks, sodas and even foods. You can remove excess sugar in your diet and replace it with fruits (natural sugars), vegetables and water. Also, an adequate Vitamin C intake will bring that healthy glow back to your skin.

6. Skin Whitening Creams

Skin whiteners never produce the results they promise to. Either way, they should never under any circumstances be a substitute for your natural skin. Skin lightening and whitening creams contain the most toxic substances found in any beauty products. The side effects include mercury and steroid infusion to the rest of your body.

7. Over Exfoliation

Remember our tip on applying this method no more than twice a week? Well, any additional attempts to clean your skin will weaken it and render it susceptible to burns and irritation. This is what also leads to red skin and inflammation.


6. Alcohol Consumption

As we all know, alcohol dehydrates you, which in turn removes necessary nutrients from your body. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a morbid look and even morbid looking skin. Being a diuretic, alcohol removes essential water for skin cells, which leaves it feeling and looking dull.

7. Rubbing Your Face/Squinting

This may seem a little extreme, but squinting is known to cause wrinkles around your nose and forehead. Also, as you rub your face you will pull on the skin, leaving you with saggy and wrinkled skin. It may seem hard to stop these recurring habits, but it is the only way to maintain beautiful skin, especially around the eyes.

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