‘Anybody Fighting Me Is Fighting God’ – Father Mbaka Slams Critics

‘Anybody Fighting Me Is Fighting God’ – Father Mbaka Slams Critics [WATCH]

By News Desk | The Trent on December 7, 2018
Rev Father Ejike Mbaka , Father Mbaka, President Muhammadu Buhari
Rev Father Ejike Mbaka during an audience with President Muhammadu Buhari at Aso Rock Villa on December 18, 2015 | State House Photo

Controversial Roman Catholic Priest, Ekije Mbaka, has reacted to backlash that followed his interactions with Peter, a former Anambra governor and the vice presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP on Sunday.

In a video which went viral, Reverend Father Mbaka, known for his political predictions, told Mr. Obi that “good does not like stinginess” when the latter refused to announce his donation publicly at the fund raising event of the Adoration Ministry of Enugu.

“The way you are going, you and Atiku will end in disgrace,” Mbaka threatened as Obi gestured to him to him insisting that he was going to make a donation privately.

Mbaka, who is the spiritual director of the popular Adoration Ministry, was slammed by politicians and Catholics after the video emerged. He was accused of “selling political prophesies” and he was also accused of immoralities in the house of God by a human rights group, Intersociety.

In a new 17.03-minute video which was posted on Youtube, Father Mbaka, who spoke in English and Igbo intermittently, said God deserves money and there was nothing wrong with him asking for donations.

The preacher also declared that all those are criticising him are fighting God.

“Anybody who is fighting me over the bazaar day is fighting God and God will do the battle,” he said. 

He said that he was responding to the backlash to encourage his followers.

“You need the confidence you need. I don’t want you to be cowed down or to be unnecessary intimidated physically, emotionally or spiritually,” he said. 

“If Father is asking you to support God’s own project here. God’s own project.

“Anytime they want to attack this ministry, they will start somewhere. I am silent, they will attack it. I say something, they will attack it,” he said. 

The cleric explained that bazaar day is strictly for raising of funds and that is the only time his church asks for donations.

“There are some people who are ingrates. These are people from the kingdom of succubus and Incubus. I want to tell you that all these things are caused by jealousy and envy. They are not fighting Mbaka for anything wrong,” he also declared.

“Everyone who came was blessed but they turned it against me, saying I am after money. God deserves money. If you don’t want to bring your own in your stinginess, hold it. I will give God all that I have and even if anybody wants to join them, you’re free to join them.

“Where God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are, there Fr. Mbaka will be. I will build this place for the church. Whoever felt insulted, I apologise. But I didn’t come to your house. It was you who came for the bazaar.”

The cleric said all those fighting him were fighting God. He subsequently asked God to punish his detractors and those “firing arrows at him”.

Although he did not mention Obi’s name, Mbaka said any politician who had donated money to his ministry was free to send his or her bank account number and he would gladly return the donation.

He added, “As for me, I am in high spirits. I want to assure you, those who are thinking that it is their money we will use to build this ministry, before the end of tomorrow, I will send all their monies into their accounts.”

On why he demanded money from Obi publicly, the cleric said he wanted the process of donation to be open and transparent so that no one would accuse him of diverting funds.

Mbaka said every person who made a donation on the day the bazaar held did so publicly.

The cleric added, “We do it outside, publicly because if I am silent, rumours will begin to spread that someone gave me $10m and why did Mbaka keep quiet? They will abuse me even if I am silent because anytime they want to attack this ministry, they will start somewhere.

“If I am silent they will attack, if I talk, they will attack it. And don’t forget that the liturgy was not tampered with. I finished the mass and even removed my priestly attire. No one can fault me on that.”

The cleric insisted that he was not partisan, adding that every person, regardless of political leaning, was free to come to him for blessings.

The fiery cleric has defended his actions. He claims he was ‘scripturally right’ and ‘not afraid’ and he has the right to tell Obi about his generosity.


  1. Mbaka I don’t want to pity you for God choosing you to carry such a big cross. Anyway your master Jesus Christ carried more than that and suffered more than anyone else. Jesus knew that his prophets will suffer what you are suffering now and that is why he said in Matthew 5vs 11 rejoice for your reward is in the kingdom of heaven.

    Fr Mbaka and the people of God come let’s reason together?

    We see some priest and Bishops coming hard against you. Have you forgotten it was the chief priests and High priests and the priests that spearheaded the persecution of Christ? They killed him because they were jealous not because they don’t know the truth. These men of God that are attacking you Fr Mbaka is not that they don’t know the truth but because they are envy and jealous.

    We see the poor masses that you are suffering for and sacrificing everything for also demanding for your down fall and painful disgrace . Have you forgotten that, it was same poor people that Jesus fed in wilderness are the ones that asked Pilate to free Barabbas and kill Jesus. I’m very sure among the people Jesus fed in that wilderness, the rich men Will be very few there. Most of the encounter they have with Jesus is either in the synagogue or meet Jesus at night or invite Jesus over to there place. Jesus Christ defended poor against the rich, yet it did not deter the poor masses to give the rich, the Alter servants and the politicians go ahead order to kill Jesus. So dear Fr Mbaka do not cry too much if you see these same defenseless poor masses asking the Bishops and the politicians to kill and destroy you or even stop you from serving your God. Remember the Bible said, one with God is the majority. That the majority is against you dose not proof them right.

    Fr Mbaka are you angry because they accuse you of saying the truth and the right thing without even fishing out the reason why you said such things? Remember the all accusation they leveled on Jesus is with what He said. Eh that this man said ‘destroy this temple in three days I’ll rebuild it, Eh he said this one and this one’. Fr Mbaka if majority clap for you, then you have a question mark and you should ask your self question. Remember there was a time in Jesus life everybody left him including His disciples. It was only the Apostles that stood with him. Jesus even surprised me, instead of him being angry that people left him because of what he said, he was busy asking the Apostles why they did not go with others? Fr Mbaka the real people of God and God are with you so do not panic. Fr Mbaka are you so hurt because people are persecuting you because of what you said? Don’t mind those things they are not God.

    Fr Mbaka, people accuse you for demanding money. Now let’s look at the Bible critically. In the Old Testament God made it clear that priest should not do anything but let the priests, widows and the orphans live on people’s tithe and offerings. And God said, is a most that people have no choice about giving Him tenth of there harvest each year. In other words God is forcing everybody to pay there tithe to Him otherwise they(people) will die and their land will not produce anything. I can still hear Paul telling the people of God that He has the right to demand money from them just like the other Apostles will always do and they have to do it because it is there Christian duty towards the church of God. Which means people have no choice about giving to God and the alter servants have the right to demand this from them. Now look at what happened in the Bible about Eli and his two sons. God did not destroy Eli’s sons for demanding temple sacrifice and offerings from the people of God but they were destroyed for treating the alter of God and His offering with contempt.
    Fr Mbaka and the people of God please remember when Jesus Christ was still on earth he has a money bag. And the only post Jesus had as of that time is the post of treasurer which was in the person of Judas Iscariot. The Bible made it clear that Jesus has no job or doing any business but rather he was moving from one place to another preaching the word of God. Now the question is, how come do Jesus Christ have a money bag? It means that Jesus was collecting money from both the rich people of his time and the politicians. The poor people who were following him have no money to give to Jesus rather it was Jesus who was giving them. And that is why I can hear Judas advising Jesus to ask Mary to sell the perfume which she was pouring on Jesus feet so that the money can be used for the poor. Fr Mbaka this justify you asking Peter Obi to make a donation to God as far as u did not tell him how much he should give because I know you always help the poor. When you Fr Mbaka came to my side for burial you gave seven persons scholarship, people who were sick that came for the burial you paid their hospital bills, not only that you gave the parish priest 2million for the parish house, those that dance that day you gave all them money, you provided the whole thing that people ate that day and drank. Fr Mbaka people of God knows you are always with them.
    Wait a minute during the time of the apostles they were are selling their lands and bring the whole proceeds to the house of God. But when Ananias and his wife felt that it was their right to give whatever they feel like just like some Nigerians are feeling right now, Peter forced him to say the actual amount of what he suppose to give to God just the way most Nigerians are attacking Fr Mbaka of forcing Peter Obi to make a public donation. Ananias and his wife felt insulted and some members of the church wanted to attack Peter for demanding God’s right, Heaven got annoyed and the Ananias and his wife was struck dead immediately. People of God please let us be careful when Satan want to use us against man of God and when we are defending God.

    Fr Mbaka you don’t need to be angry at all at all. You don’t have such right unless it is not the master that you claim you are following is the actual person you are following. For this your master who is Jesus Christ made it clear that His followers should rejoice when faced with persecutions. Fr Mbaka so rejoice that your name has already been writing down among the Apostles of Christ. Paul did not see Jesus or know him when he was on earth yet he was regarded as an Apostle, that’s what you are Fr Mbaka.

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