Benue Killings By Fulani Herdsmen, An Invitation for Civil War – Yaro

Benue Killings By Fulani Herdsmen, An Invitation for Civil War – Yaro

By Pius Godsday | Politics Reporter on January 3, 2018
Fulani Herdsmen Attacks Agatu Benue
Agatu-Idoma people from Benue State protesting the killings of their relatives by Fulani herdsmen

The Benue State chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, Abba Yaro has described the massive killing of over 50 Benue people by the Fulani herdsmen as an invitation for civil war.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday, January 2, 2017, Yaro decried the recent killings as an attempt to spark second civil war in Nigeria, insisting that, it is clear case of ethnic cleansing around the Benue Valley which must be stopped immediately.

While calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately call the Fulani to order and as well direct security agents to fetch out the killers, he also called on all Benue Sons and daughters, irrespective of Party affiliation to rise in defense of Benue Community.

Comrade Emmanuel Abba Yaro Benue Fulani
Comrade Emmanuel Abba Yaro

“This is above Party politics, it is human lives, how can you kill a pregnant woman and removed the unborn child yet slaughtered it? It is barbaric, unspeakable and generally unpalatable”.

Yaro says the Anti Open Grazing Law in Benue is not targeted at any section of the people but for the general security of Benue State, a measure against cattle rustling and a solution to herders/farmers clash.

“The implementation is ongoing and we are in support of our governor, we are not deterred, the Anti Open Grazing Law has come to stay.

Fulani Herdsmen Femi Fani Kayode
Tweet by Femi Fani-Kayode

“Nigerians should not see the killings as a Benue problem but National crisis, the absence of peace in Benue is an absence of peace in Nigeria.

“We must treat it as a national ethnic cleansing by the Fulanis and collectively pressurize Mr President to put an end to it. If Boko Haram can be defeated, IPOB stopped, Fulani killings can be stopped”, he observed.

He further call on the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Buratai, the Interior Minister Lt Gen Danbazau, the Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS), Lawal Daura, the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris to protect Benue community or “we rise in self defence, which will amount to the second civil war.”

Yaro emphasized that, “if the Fulanis are not called to order by the relevant authorities to stop the ethnic cleansing, like the lawless Fulanis are doing, Benue people shall take laws into their hands in selfdefense”.

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  1. when the people of igbos are saying it,everybody condamns it,saying that the igbos are ungrateful people,now what is happening.where are the securities we have here in nigeria,where are the.when one talks,some useless ones says u are tribalist,if FFK says that the killings is inhuman,some brian damage youth curse him and tag it politics.politics in human lives.only this year alone,just 3days of new year hausa fulani has kill over one hundred people,is this not evil and mr president has nothing to say about it.nigerians are not one,who so ever believe that nigeria are one is a fool.

  2. This madness can only stop when the people will rise in self defense.From the body language of this effort is being made to stop the callousness. The Fulani people hardly stage a public protest. They immediately attacked or revenge, so youths all over the North Central should wake up beyond staging a protest to a more determined action. The blood of these innocent souls from Benue,Adamawa,Kaduna and other prone areas will surely attract the the attention of their Creator am
    en.Like the innocent blood of Abel from the wickedness of his brother Cain,so shall it be so with these Fulani Marauders. Also,as Jesus Christ Believers we should know that all these happening are the birth of the end times.Until God Himself intervene,deaths of innocent and non innocent people will continue to be on the increase.Arise oh God in quick defense of your children, amen.


  4. Thanks to yaro. for his courage to speak for Benue, it’s not act war, but war in disguise of Fulani’s so if Christian can not protect themselves now God will not be happy with them. where i.s sultan of sokoto now, all Muslims that have be talking hope they happy now. God is watching them

  5. I can’t see any sense in talks by any of the Benue protesters against Fulani killings in the state. Whether by the students or the governor or by Mr. Yaro, there at Abuja. My reason is that no result will come, since you have nothing to do. In the first place Benue people are hypnotised long time ago by islamic forces. APC succeeded here by hypnotism and it must take God’s mercy to deliver Benue people from it. This truth is expressed in their protest. The students protesting were saying “let the president come by himself, let federal govt. send security, if president Buhari never do something he will loss our votes. Gov. Ortom is a hard liner for Mr. Buhari. He can do any thing in Benue state make Buhari happy, at the expense of Buari. The rest of the state, except for a very few, believe up till tomorrow that Buhari is a good person and is doing a good job in Nigeria. Any time Buhari’s orders are carried out in the state by his brothers–killing hundreds, they will start calling and saying “why is Buhari not saying something?, pls let fed. govt. send security,” etc, etc. And the man will continue laughing at them. It is the power of hypnotism. Sad, but true. They keep talking of defending themselves. And I ask, which year? Is is it when all are dead? Calling Buhari or fed. govt security to defend you is like asking someone to lick iceblock and take chilled water as medicine to cure his running nose and serious cough. So long as Benue with her great power, continues under this power of hypnosis, your shame will escalate till you will totally be subdued to serve slavery to islam and Fulani. How I wish we had a Fayose in Benue state, Kai!!

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