Best Of The Best: How The Online Revolution Has Changed The Way...

Best Of The Best: How The Online Revolution Has Changed The Way We Shop

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Over the last decade or so we have come to rely on our smartphones for so many things that the relationship we have with these mini computers has become symbiotic. We carry out tasks in a few seconds that would have eaten time out of our busy day giving us more time for other things instead of standing in a queue at the bank.

We browse and buy goods and services and also source our entertainment. To make our time online safe and secure there is even an option to pay for games using either our mobile pay-as-you-go account or have the cost of any games added onto the monthly contract bill.

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Sites like mobile casino pay with phone credit mean that you can enjoy games whenever and wherever you choose without having to worry about any of your banking details being hacked as you do not have to offer them to the site using this payment option, and this type of safety is vital in today’s society as no one wants to think of their personal details getting into the wrong hands.

We also take a lot of pride in how our phones look, and it might be surprising to some but others people actually make judgements on others by looking at their mobile phones in much the same way as a top designer bag or watch.

This has led to top fashion designers producing protective cases for the smartphone. Sure, you can find many cases for your phone in the market for a few pounds or dollars, but why pay that when you have paid hundreds for your device?

Take Swarovski for example, for $239 you can buy a case that is covered with sparkling delight making it both beautiful to behold and completely unique.

Or maybe you are more into Gucci? The Gucci crocodile case costs $495 and is made from the genuine skin which is more weather resistant than cow leather, and of course ‘made by Gucci’.

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Going up in cost leads us to ‘The flower Eifel tower case’ which will set you back approx. $1495 and has a miniature of the tower on the case which symbolises one of the most romantic buildings in the world and of course one of the most romantic countries too.

Case-mate have a limited edition buy which will set you back a whopping $4271 (not for the faint hearted) The material that the case is made from allows users to customise the case with anything you like as well as it having soundproof technology that can actually redirect the sound outside the phone.

There are a few other high-cost smartphone cases out there but to-date the Gold-plated Trump case from Goldgenie costs a massive $151000 and as you would expect it has a unique design and is made out of 24K solid gold, with encrusted diamonds and an image of the current US president is emblazoned on the case.

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But if money is no option then forget about Louis Vuitton of Dolce & Gabbana etc and take a look at the Dragon and spider for Anita Mai Tan which retails at a massive $880,000.

Made from 18K white gold with a total of 32 diamonds covering about 75% of the device the 3D dragon is embedded into the back of the case.


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