Business Marketing Reviews For Making Money Online

Business Marketing Reviews For Making Money Online

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on October 24, 2018
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Every marketer knows well, if he wants to improve his business its necessary for him to have his online presence. As per a research by Journal Review, social media is responsible for 70% of sells done by drop shipping sites and eCommerce sites. That’s right; people love to buy after they see it online somewhere in social media sites. The best example of eCommerce site which made its fortune from social media site is Flipkart from India.  There are various things which make it possible so let’s see how it’s done.

There are various social media sites and video streaming sites, the more audience they have, they more sells they’ll generate. The Facebook will win at this race, followed by Instagram and Twitter. So let’s see what’s make it possible for marketers to use social media platforms to enhance their business.

Facebook: It has been the giant of social media sites with over 2.23 billion users worldwide and its increasing rapidly. I can hardly believe if there is anyone who is not in Facebook for at least once. You may be thinking that, though it has a huge user base, what makes it a standout among others? Well Facebook has mentioned in its Privacy Policy clearly that it will use user data for targeted ads so it enables marketers to make money online without much hassle. Ask me how?, if we will closely observe Facebook, it always asks you for your interests like Food, Games, Brands, Books which gives them brief idea.

Facebook has even launched its analytics program, Pixel which lets marketers to track the visitors to their site and later can run sponsored ads in Facebook targeting them. It is why Facebook is popular now; the react buttons helps marketers to understand the user sentiments. For Groups and pages too, there are various marketing tools which let them tom understand the market.

Instagram: Four years from now, anyone would have barely heard about Instagram, but if we see now, Instagram has over 1 billion user base worldwide. Now, it is about 50% of the Facebook’s user base, but if we compare their age, Instagram is much younger than Facebook. Instagram was able to capture, market better than other social media site so Facebook finally bought it under its Umbrella. You don’t have to actually sign up if you have a Facebook account and want to use Instagram. It already has the option for Login thorough Facebook option or you can even attach your Facebook account later after creating the Instagram profile and page.

Facebook Ad Centre allows you to run ads in Instagram directly from your Facebook account which means when you attach your Facebook account, you simply let the Facebook know that you’re the same guy so your interests. You should have also noticed paid partnership; this lets Companies collaboration with Instagram influencers and Celebrates to sponsor them for a piece of ad work. We are yet to know, but Verified Instagram pages are more options than regular Facebook profiles and Pages. Still, People are using Instagram pages as well as Profiles for proper marketing.


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