Business: Top 5 Benefits New Hires Are Looking For In A Post-COVID...

Business: Top 5 Benefits New Hires Are Looking For In A Post-COVID World

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on November 9, 2021
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You’ve found yourself with business booming and you’ve been looking to grow the team. Thanks to modern hiring conveniences, such as ats software, you’ve quickly found a pool of applicants that would be perfect for the open positions. They seem to be the right fit for your business, now how do you make sure your business is the right fit for them? 

The traditional answers to that question have changed, along with many aspects of the working world, because of covid. If you are unsure of what to offer employees in this new working world, here’s some of the benefits today’s job seekers want the most. 

Increase Wages

Many employers have had to cut wages to stay afloat throughout the pandemic, but, if possible, offering higher wages over any competition will bring more applicants to your business. An alternative to consider is also offering multipart hiring bonuses to help ensure staffing stays with the company after their onboarding.

Remote Work

It may be the most obvious way work has changed since covid became a part of our lives. Remote work became the new normal for many career paths as a way to ensure covid safety for employees and their families. Now that things are a little safer, because of social distancing and a large vaccine adoption rate, people are feeling more comfortable returning to the office, but many are realizing they’d rather not. 

For a large percentage of those that are able to do their work from home, they are finding it provides a better quality of life. To ensure you are able to have your pick of candidates, offering remote work, when applicable, is a sure way for a potnetalt employee to choose your company 

over another offer.

Additional Benefits

Along with full time work typically come the benefits we know, health insurance, 401K, etc, but if you are looking to stand out amongst the crowd, offering more to the benefits package is a sure way to do so. 

For example, people’s priorities are shifting as years go on. Pets have gone from being something a family has to someone that’s part of the family. Offering pet insurance is an easy to stick out in the crowd and something that would be extremely appreciated by many employees.

Have A Clear Action Plan

While 2020 has taught us just how many jobs can be done remotely, we will never be at a point where that will be a reality for everyone. Many of us work at a business where most, if not all, employees have to be in person.

Having a clearly laid out plan in the event of Covid exposure will allow employees to be more comfortable in the building as they know upper management is serious about their employees’ health and safety.

Flexible Scheduling

Similar to remote work, a great way to snag the new hire of your dreams is to offer a flexible schedule. Applicable to in-person and remote work, flexible hours allow for a higher applicant pool because it will be much easier for employees to plan around family life. 

Employees are sure to be drawn to a position where, within reason, as long as they are able to get their work done by day’s end, everything is OK. When choosing between multiple offers, it’ll be easy for potential employees to take the position that allows them to never miss another one of their children’s events. 


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