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It is no secret that curling wands are currently the best choice for heat-styling hair. This amazing curling tool offers a variety of curly hairstyles for everyone. If you adore big curls, small spiral curls, corkscrew curls, or messy waves, then curling wands are your best bet. Not only do they permit closer access to the roots, they don’t crease the hair and they come with protective gloves. What’s more? They give lovelier results than flat irons.

When I first considered purchasing a curling wand, the wide range of curling tools available in the market overwhelmed me. Given that they all created different styles, I wasn’t sure about which wand to purchase. It took me some time to realize the most important facts that should influence one’s choice when buying a curling wand.

Here are five things to consider when choosing the perfect curling wand that will give you the styling results you want.

hair curly hair curly wand


Not all curling wands are made from the same materials. The material of the curling wand influences the type of curls you’ll achieve. While some curling irons are made of ceramic, others are constructed from metallic materials such as titanium and tourmaline. Before you choose that curling wand, understand that different materials give completely different results from each other.

If you are concerned about protecting your hair strands from breakage and frizz, then ceramic curling irons and wands are a fantastic choice for you. Not only do they moisturize the hair, they also help in conserving and sealing in the hair’s natural moisture.

Metal wands are notorious for increasing the risk of damaging brittle, soft hair. But they are wonderful for using steam as to give the hair volume and a thicker look. Brush-fashioned wands are perfect for thin hair too.

In other words, the material of the curling wand is an important factor to consider. You want to choose a curling tool that is perfectly suited to your hair type and styling needs.

hair curly hair curly wand

2.What’s Your Hair Type?

When I purchased my first curling iron, it didn’t occur to me to ensure that it was suited for my naturally kinky hair. I had assumed that all irons or wands were suited to all hair types. But I was wrong.

It is important to choose a curling wand that is perfect for your hair type. Below are some of the facts you should take into consideration.

  • Texture: Thick, kinky hair would benefit more from smaller wands that are capable of reaching very high temperatures.
  • Length: If you have very long hair, bigger wands will give you the perfectly gentle and smooth curls you need. Smaller wands are not a very good idea for long hair because of the sheer amount of time the styling project will require.

Medium length hair gives a lot of room to experiment with styles. Anyone can easily use both big and small wands to style medium length hair.

Short hair often works well with smaller wands, although, good old irons seem to be a better option for shorter hair. It helps to be able to clamp the hair in place before proceeding to curl it.

3.Controllable Temperature Settings

When you want to buy a curling iron or wand, it is important to look critically at the temperature dials and ensure that the temperature settings are adjustable. Good curling wands present a wide range of temperatures. This will give you the variety you need. Depending on your hair type, you might require very hot irons or lukewarm wands.

I once purchased a curling tool that was just too cold for my tresses. No matter how long and hard I heated the curling iron, it did nothing for my hair. Choose carefully. There is no point purchasing a curling wand that doesn’t allow you to have the fine control you’ll require to get the perfect style.

4.Barrel Size Of The Curling Wand

The barrel size of the curling wand is extremely important. This is because the size of the barrel determines the size and type of curls you will get. While smaller barrels result in tighter curls, larger barrels are likely to give gentler and loose flowing curls. It depends on your taste.

People with thinner hair prefer the volume and thickness that smaller barrels give their hair. Thick-haired folks benefit more from the gentler and larger curls that bigger barrels give.

Before you buy that curling wand, make sure it will give you that perfect hairstyle.


You don’t have to go bankrupt to acquire a good quality curling wand. If you know what to look out for, you can avoid models of curling wands that won’t do you any good.

When you find a couple of high-quality curling wands that are perfectly suited for you, isolate them from the rest. Go through the prices to see if any of them falls within your budget. Lee Shares recently published a comprehensive list of the best affordable curling wands available online.

Having a foolproof buying strategy will guarantee that you acquire the best curling wand for you. At least you won’t waste your money on a tool you can’t use. What’s more? you can style your hair however and whenever you want.


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