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TMZ Slammed Over Report On Chris Brown Custody Battle For Daughter, Royalty

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Nai Guzman, mother of  Chris Brown’s daughter had lost the court case in which she was battling the singer for custody of his daughter, Royalty.

According to celebrity gossip news site, TMZ, Nia had been denied full custody of the 2-year old girl.

TMZ also reports that Ms. Guzman requested that Chris Brown settled for drug test which was also denied.

“Sources connected to Chris tell us, Nia Guzman struck out on every single request regarding custody of 2-year-old Royalty. Nia wanted full custody — DENIED. She wanted Chris to have monitored visitation — DENIED. She wanted to deny Chris’ mom the right to see the kid — DENIED. She wanted Chris to submit to drug tests — DENIED.

The judge maintained the status quo — joint custody. Chris continues to get Royalty 12 days a month.

When Nia filed her legal docs asking for a change in custody the judge ordered Chris to pay her $20k so she could afford a lawyer. But she lost so hard, the judge said Nia wasn’t entitled to the money and gave Chris a credit.

There was supposed to be a separate hearing on child support. Nia is currently getting $2,500 a month from Chris but she wanted nearly $16k. Nia has now dismissed her support petition,” TMZ reported.

Nia Guzman took to her Instagram page, which is private, to address the media platform.

“Our court hearings were over five months ago, and yet you put out a one sided story that was false this morning” the mother of one posted.

She, however, did not say how the case was settled. According to Daily Mail, the court had continued to allow joint custody, with Brown still having the child 12 days in a month.

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