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One of the primary benefits of building with steel is the systemised erection process. As structures are prefabricated, the parts are shipped, steel beams are mounted and connected and presto! A steel building is conceived. Also, project owners save a massive amount of money on labour costs as majority of on-site work is already done. Many components are secured by warranties ranging up to 30 years.

Although, the erection process may seem simple it is in fact a complex process that necessitates highly skilled and experienced steel erectors. As with all forms of construction, mounting or installing a metal building comes down to the astute management of time, equipment, material and particularly overheads.

Therefore, you do not need a large construction team to erect a metal building. In fact, you need an experienced team, whose total value offered is much greater than its headcount. Remember, the service provided by the builder or their construction team is extremely critical to your project schedule and total cost. Steel building erection can quickly go haywire and turn what ought to be a quick and seamless construction phase into a construction ordeal.

Therefore, selecting a reliable steel building company for your metal building project substantially increases the probability of a fast and streamlined erection process. Following are more reasons as to why you do not need a large crew to erect a metal building;

The Right Erection Crew Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Selecting a certified crew that is experienced in pre-engineered metal building erection keeps the construction team small. However, you should give as must weight to the credentials of your team as you would give to its size.  An inexperienced or worse unqualified crew will escalate cost, construction time and mediocre workmanship. Alternatively, a competent and experienced erection crew will help your building get mounted efficiently and smoothly.

Furthermore, it is important to take on board steel building erectors who have previously worked on your type of project. Although on the surface, there are multiple similarities of erecting prefabricated structures as each style has distinct aspects which should be addressed separately. For example, aviation structures are erected differently than transportation facilities or office buildings. This is because there are many methods to erect a steel building. The size, materials and configuration of a building determine the optimum way to mount it.

A Qualified Metal Building Erector Is Two Jobs In One

Most people hire sheet metal workers or iron workers to erect their building. However, what they do not know is that neither of them have all of the skills required to complete the steel building erection process in an optimised manner.

Alternatively, an erector will mount the framing package with the dexterity of an iron worker while also trimming and installing the sheeting with the competency of a sheet metal worker. As a general rule of thumb, sheet metal workers struggle with the framing package while iron workers typically struggle with the sheeting and trim. These battles result in extended build time, more investment and a disappointing finish to the final product.

Experienced Teams

In order to keep a small construction crew you need experience as well as familiarity within the team. Specifically, a team that has worked with each other for a while knows each other’s strengths and how to support one another’s work. Lastly, teams well versed in the laws regulating occupational safety and legal construction procedures are great, further securing you against any untoward on-site mishap.

Remember, making an effort to find qualified steel building erectors will result in an effective team, quality craftsmanship and timely completion of the project.


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