Dalori Massacre: US Airforce Captain Says All Nigerians Should Be ‘Annihilated’

Dalori Massacre: US Airforce Captain Says All Nigerians Should Be ‘Annihilated’ [LOOK]

By Anita Sunday | Society Reporter on February 2, 2016
Women and children sit among burnt houses after Boko Haram attacks at Dalori village | AFP/Getty
Robert Hill | Facebook
Robert Hill | Facebook

A US Airforce Captain has taken to the usual place, Facebook, to vent his anger over the Boko Haram massacre that took place in Dalori, a small village on the outskirts of Maiduguri in Borno State.

Saturday, January 30, 2016, The Trent reported an on-going Boko Haram attack in the village of Dalori. The terrorists razed the village down killing close to 100 people, according to some sources.

Robert Ray Hill says that he doesn’t trust 90% of Nigerians though he claims to have ‘some friends from there’. He called for the annihilation of the “this (sic) damn barbarians from Nigeria’ as he shared a link on the tragic terrorist attack on Dalori in which babies were burnt to death by Boko Haram.

This damn barbarians from Nigeria need to be annihilated. This is a travesty need to stop, if we have to nuke them off the planet. I have some friends from there, but I don’t trust ninety nine percent of them. They are thieves and con artists. Just read your junk/spam mail. This incident makes me sick!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9_Fotor
Screengrab from Facebook

A message sent to Captain Hill for further comment by The Trent was not replied as at the time of filing this report.


  1. Americans ARE not 100 percent TRUTHFUL either,but I agree with you TRUTH is the HOTTEST/MOST EXPENSIVE COMMODITY IN NIGERIA.This is one of the reasons why Nnamdi KANU and BIAFRANS are agitating for the RESTORATION of SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA which you can also support,those deaths in BORNO,MAIDUGURI are need less deaths,it shows that there is no value for human life.BIAFRA is Embodiment of TRUTH,HER motto is ALSO TRUTH IS LIFE(IGBOS enshrined in there LANGUAGE EZI OKWU BU NDU meaning TRUTH IS LIFE and the olden igbo people/elders demand it in every thing you do.).These lives wasted in Nigeria is DESPICABLE.Sovereign states of AREWA/BIAFRA/ODUDUWA,united like EU/United Europe will avoid this mess and ATROCITIES and WICKEDNESS,Because each emerging nation/country will start with a better foundation not the foundation build/made up of LIES,DECEIT,MANIPULATIONS or what have you like what nigeria is current made up of or built on.

  2. That man is useless like we trust the US also.. Atleast we have manners for someone like you to say such means you don’t value lives.. US were students kill teachers and you curb it from the press from knowing. Been there I know what’s going on there y’all are fowl love nigeria no matter what happens am a proud igbo nigerian

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