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Grey is one of the most fashionable colours of the moment. No matter which room of your home you happen to be in, you can very easily incorporate grey into your interior design. From grey laminate flooring to tiles and furniture, there isn’t a room in the house which cannot have a hint of grey through it. Let’s take a look at subtle ways you can use grey within your home.

Why is Grey So Popular?

First of all, we should really ask ourselves why grey is so popular. It was a colour that was for so long abandoned because it felt drab and lifeless so why are we now seeing it everywhere in interior design?

Our love of grey is actually quite old. It was a favourite colour for portrait painters of the Renaissance. A figure sitting against a grey background would look livelier and the various colours in their clothes and jewellery would pop more. Head to any portrait gallery with artworks from this time period and you will be able to admire for yourself how the grey draws your eye to the subject of the portrait instead.

This ability to make colours pop is why grey is currently so loved by interior designers. You will often see grey paired with blues or yellows as the muted tones really help to make the brighter ones shine. As a mid-point between black and white, grey is truly the ultimate neutral colour.

grey furniture interior decor

A Scandi Influence

Grey has also had a surge in popularity thanks to a somewhat recent revival in popularity of the Scandi style. Scandi style opts for natural materials like wood and calm, clean lines. It is favoured by many for its simplicity and its minimalism. Thanks to the rise of the furniture and interior design giant IKEA and the adoption of practices like the Danish “hygge”, more and more people are including Scandi elements in their homes.

One of the biggest parts of Scandi interior design is this love of natural materials. Due to this, one of the most common things you will often see is an adoption of natural colours to complement the materials. Light woods, whites, and of, course greys, are all used in abundance. Many people still don’t like too much white in their homes as they feel it can be a little bit too clinical. Instead, many choose to opt for the slightly warmer and less intense grey. Even if you don’t want to adopt the Scandi style overall, you will very easily be able to find many pieces out there in grey colours to help you put together a stunning room.

grey furniture home

Grey Floors

One of the easiest places to add a little grey to your home without making it stand out too much is through grey flooring. Solutions like grey laminate flooring are easy to care for and looks stylish in many different areas of the home. It might tie in very well with a neutral kitchen or bathroom or a wood effect might help to create a relaxing space in a living room or bedroom.

The fantastic thing about grey laminate flooring is it is versatile to be used in each of these rooms while also staying remarkably easy for you to take care of. If you are looking for the perfect, low maintenance solution for your home, you should most definitely consider laminate flooring.

If you are considering a grey carpet, then make sure you choose well. You should aim for one which is quite thick and plush to avoid any comparisons to corporate carpets in office blocks around the world. Grey carpets can also show stains incredibly quickly. They can definitely help to make a room look amazing, but you should also be mindful of which one you pick.

grey furniture home

Grey Walls 

It might not be the colour for everyone, but grey walls might be the new neutrals you are searching for. Magnolia is now considered extremely outdated and white looks fresh to some and clinical to others. Grey is instead a good alternative which can help your rooms to feel a little different.

Whether you are opting for a grey wallpaper or committing to grey walls, there is plenty on the market for you to choose from. In particular, we think that grey wallpaper might look stunning if you choose the right pattern to go with it.

If you do not want grey throughout the whole room, then think about adding a feature wall. This means that you will be able to paint some of the other walls in another colour which complements the grey with the effect of making one of the walls stand out. If you also want to hang an eye-catching piece of art on this wall, it will also help it to stand out even more in the room. These are all easy interior design tricks which can be used to elevate your home and you will be able to find many more just like them if you look online.

grey furniture home

Grey Furniture

If you would rather keep your walls and floors in other colours, then you might look to your furniture to inject a little grey into your home. In particular, we think any item which can be upholstered in grey looks fantastic. This includes sofas, armchairs, or beds.

Choosing one of these items will really help to make it the centrepiece of the room. A grey bed with white fluffy bedclothes is always going to look inviting while also helping to give a bedroom the same vibe as a boutique hotel. It is truly an easy way to elevate your home and make it feel luxurious.

The other reason why you should pick something like a grey sofa is that it is very easy for you to disguise it with some brightly coloured throws if you don’t feel like it is for you. This is also a brilliant option for anyone who likes to change their décor often. If you are one for swapping out your cushions between the seasons then you are going to need a neutral base to help you do so. Grey is exactly the colour you need to make both the pastels of your Easter cushions and the leaves on your autumnal throw stand out.

Grey Tiles

In the bathroom, the only standard nowadays is a white suite. Coloured suites are very much a thing of the past and you should make sure that you stick to a plain white one to help keep things feeling modern and fresh. However, that does not mean that you have to stick to an entirely white theme within the bathroom.

Grey tiles in a bathroom help to break up the white and can keep things from feeling a little too clinical. You can find a range of different tiles in all different styles and shades of grey which are suitable for both the walls and the floor.

We also think that this would be especially stunning when combined with another colour. For example, a bathroom tiled in grey and navy would look very modern and would stay in style for a number of ways. Think about some of the ways you could add a little colour to your bathroom to match grey. It might be easier than you think to do so.

grey home furniture

Little Grey Touches

Finally, if you don’t want to commit to a full renovation of a room then it is incredibly easy to find little grey touches to add to all rooms of the house. From grey throws to cushion covers, you never know what you could find out there.

In particular, we think some grey fluffy towels might be exactly what a bathroom needs to tie it all together. Remember that the grey does not even have to be on its own. Marble effect is still incredibly popular, and you could pick up some grey marble effect planters to help start your own little indoor garden on a windowsill.

You should also think about adding some grey crockery to your kitchen cupboards. If you are a fan of cooking, a grey plate can really help the bright colours of your food to stand out and could help cause an impact at your dinner party.

grey home furniture

Go Grey Today 

This is one neutral which is not going to go anywhere anytime soon. If you are looking for a modern and easy update to your interior design then you should think about incorporating a little grey. It is not nearly as drowsy or as drab as you might initially think. Grey is often called the ultimate neutral colour and we can’t help but agree with this. It will suit any colour palette you throw at it and may even help you make some other part of your home stand out.

Don’t be afraid to dive into the colour. Add a splash of grey to your home and see what changes can be made from it today.

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