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Flight MH17: Putin’s Daughter Flees £2 Million Dutch Penthouse Flat As Fury Grows Over Jet Tragedy (PHOTOS)

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Vladimir Putin’s daughter has fled her Dutch home as fury grows over Flight mH17.

Maria Putin lived just 20 miles from the airport where the doomed jet dpoarted from.

News that the Russian president’s daughter was living among a nation of people still fuming over Russia’s role in the downing of Flight MH17 was only going to spark more outrage.

And once it became known the 29-year-old had a £2million apartment not far from the Dutch airport where the doomed jet left on its final, tragic journey, the angry protests quickly started.

There were demands for Maria to be deported and one Twitter user posted: “Its time you leave B*TCH.”

Another wrote: “Very convenient that Maria Putina lives so close to The Hague. Won’t have to go far to see her father’s trial.”

Maria and boyfriend Jorrit Faasen, 34, who lived in a riverside flat in Voorschoten on the outskirts of the Dutch capital, fled amid the mounting fury.

One resident said tonight: “We have not seen her here since the plane went down.

“She moved in last year and it was all kept quiet for a while. But once it became known who she was, there was certainly some disquiet. And now this has happened. She is obviously not responsible for her father’s actions but we don’t want ­demonstrations around here.”

The neighbour spoke as 51 more of the 193 bodies recovered from the crash site in Ukraine were returned to Holland to join the 40 who arrived on Wednesday.

Many blame president Putin for the disaster, insisting Kremlin chiefs supplied the missile that blasted the Malaysia Airlines jet out of the sky at 30,000ft – killing 298 passengers and crew, including 10 Brits and 193 Dutch.

 President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila

Powerful dad: Putin and Maria

 Pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists control the region where it crashed. Although they deny being ­responsible and claim the Ukrainian shot it down in a blame game that last night was showing no sign of ending.

The bodies will be identified in the town of Hilversum, near Amsterdam.

Mayor Pieter Broertjes also spoke of his anger at the presence of Putin’s daughter in Holland.

He said: “We could also deport Putin’s daughter, she lives in The Netherlands. Then you’ve got a whole different signal you could give.”

He later apologised for the comments and admitted they were “not wise”. But he added: “They stemmed from a feeling of helplessness that many would recognise.”

Maria’s position in Holland was made more perilous after Ukrainian activists published her address on websites.

Her whereabouts were last night unknown. But her father is reported to have a personal wealth of more than £40billion, with properties around the world including a £200million palace on the Black Sea.

Jorrit is also understood to be wealthy in his own right. He worked as an executive for Russian energy giant Gazprom.

There were reports the pair could be back in Moscow where they can be better protected by Putin.

A photograph of Maria, published today, will come as a revelation to many young Russians who have never seen her face.

The only existing pictures are from when Putin first came to power in 1999, when he was pictured with Maria, her sister ­Ekaterina, and his ex-wife Lyudmila.

 residence of the 29-year-old daughter of Vladmir Putin, Maria

Plush: Riverside apartments where the couple lived on top two floors

Known as Masha to friends, she was born in Petersburg and was named after her dad’s mother. Maria is thought to have studied biology at St Petersburg State University – where Putin attended.

He is extremely protective of his ­daughters’ privacy. Ekaterina, 27, is believed to have married the son of a South Korean admiral, though her life is also shrouded in mystery.

As the furore grew over news Maria lived among those mourning the dead of an avoidable tragedy many believe her father’s regime played a key role in, Russia angrily denied it supplied the missile that blew up the jet.

Alexander Yakovenko, the Kremlin’s ambassador to Britain, said Western claims that pro-Russian separatists were responsible did “not hold water”. And he accused the Ukrainian and American governments of trying to engineer a “cover up” over the real cause of the disaster.

Mr Yakovenko added: “Russia doesn’t supply weapons to de facto authorities in Ukraine. No evidence whatsoever has been presented that the Russian government has been doing this.

He also condemned plans by the EU and US to slap tougher sanctions on Moscow.

Britain is pushing for the European Union to impose restrictions on Russia’s defence, energy and ­financial sectors because of Putin’s refusal to help with ­investigations into the Flight MH17 tragedy.

The ambassador said: “First of all, we believe they are illegal, unreasonable and counter-productive. They have nothing to do with the national interests of the countries concerned, including America.

“In my view, the sectoral sanctions against Russia will trigger the long-anticipated endgame of the present global crisis.

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