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General Muhammed Buhari (Rtd) at an All Progressive Congress event

With the growing attention being paid to the military regime of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, facts have emerged on Thursday, January 29, 2015 that unknown to many, Bartholomew, the elder brother of popular Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh (popularly known as Osuofia) was killed by the military regime of the 72-year old retired general.

According to Breaking Times, an unnamed source who did not want his name in print revealed that the then 26-year old Bartholomew was among three people – including 30-year old Lawal Ojuolape and 29-year old Bernard Ogedengbe – who were notoriously killed by firing squad on allegations of drug trafficking.

The widely condemned killing of the trio in 1985 was criticized because General Buhari back-dated a decree stipulating death sentence for drug trafficking offenders, whereas the alleged crime was committed before he came into power. Buhari changed the law just to kill the three young men.

According to the source, Osuofia and the rest of his family are yet to come to terms with the public execution of their son and sibling, especially.

The source said: “Nkem Owoh and his family are so distraught with Buhari for killing their brother at the young age of 26. Every time he sees Buhari on TV, he weeps bitterly over his brother. He can’t even believe that Buhari has the nerve to seek re-election as President.”

Bernard Ogedengbe (29), Bartholomew Owoh (26) and Lawal Ojuolape (30) publicly executed by Buhari for a crime that did not carry the death penalty at the time of the offence. (Photo Credit:
Bernard Ogedengbe (29), Bartholomew Owoh (26) and Lawal Ojuolape (30) publicly executed by Buhari for a crime that did not carry the death penalty at the time of the offence. (Photo Credit:


  1. Pure nonsense! I’ll vote for death penalty for drug traffickers in Nigeria. I’m sure Nkem Owoh will be ashamed to be associated with this trash. I would.

  2. Am sure if the brother were to be alive today he might have become a drug Baron who would have still be an enemy of the state.. just last week a Nigerian was executed in Indonesia for drug related offenses and check online hundreds of Nigerians are being killed around the world for drug related offenses and there is nothing our government can do about it. You didn’t say the young man then stole rice and was killed for carrying drug so it means he actually committed the offense and what ever soroundded his death wasn’t because Buhari hate him personaly it was a Decree.. Pls don’t be sentimental.Osofia has to career today becuase there was no reason for him to carry drug rathr he chooses a part which no amount of drug trafficking would have given him such fame and success..

  3. The issue is that the law that was used to kill them was made after they had already committed the crime. This is the most wicked thing to do. The Tinubu that is supporting him is reported to also have carried drugs in the past…

  4. then why backdate the law? what can backdating the law justify? its akin to killing a man for a crime he commited before he was born! the killing was criticized in 1985 because the law was backdated! In a military regime, why would a decree that ended in corporal punishment for offenders be backdated? Thats insanity, or spite, or its targeted at prior offenders! If it was about making examples,why not get offenders that appeared AFTER the decree was created?
    ?????? Everybody knows that backdating a law aims at targeting people.people that fall within the time bracket.
    You claiming youre sure he would be a drug baron, what makes you think change is impossible if people are given the chance? Especially when faced with jail time and the risk of death? Thats the point of creating law with great consequences; to prevent crime. He wasnt given the chance to let the decree change his mind, he was killed instead. backdating law? corporal punishment law? thats monstrous!

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