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General Buhari Orders His Supporters To Kill During Presidential Campaign? [WATCH]

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A video clip in which the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, appeared to have used the Hausa word “halaka” (“kill”) during his 2011 electioneering is now trending on YouTube.

In the YouTube video, which lasts for one minute and 56 seconds, Buhari is seen addressing a crowd during his presidential campaign ahead of the 2011 election on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), which is now part of the APC.

The exact date and location of the rally were not stated in the clip, which carries an NTA bug. Speaking in Hausa, Buhari appears to be saying: “Ku fita ku yi zabe. Ku Kasa, ku tsare, ku raka ku tsaya. Duk wanda bai yarda ba, ku halaka shi.”

The English subtitle which accompanies the video reads: “Firstly, you must register, come out and vote. You guard, protect, escort to the collation centre and you wait until the result is counted. Anyone who stops you, kill them!!! (Crowd chants wildly.)”

The YouTube video is generating some intense debate, with some commenters arguing over the connotative and denotative meanings of the word “halaka” in Hausa. “Halaka” means “kill” or “destroy”, but a commenter said: “It’s like kare jini, biri jini that he also used (in his statement that “the dog and the baboon getting soaked in blood” if the 2011 election was rigged).

It’s completely taken out of context. That proverb means it’s going be a fight to the finish. Most of the Hausa vocabulary Buhari used are in everyday use, so if they are that bad, we won’t be using it in day-to-day talk.”

The video, uploaded on December 23, 2014 by one Adam Chukwu, generated 13,000 views in the first three days. By Tuesday, this had gone up to 24,000 views.

The clip displays scenes of riots that erupted after the 2011 election in which over 800 persons died, including 10 members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

There is no voice-over on the clip, apart from the background music, but these messages were displayed as commentary: In 2011, Presidential Candidate General Muhammadu Buhari called for Election Violence.

He lost the democratic election. But achieved his dream of violence. General Muhammadu Buhari refused to condemn the outcome. General Muhammadu Buhari was recently confirmed as the APC’s presidential candidate in 2015.

Buhari denied responsibility for the killings then, while the report of the investigative panel set up by President Goodluck Jonathan is yet to be made public. Meanwhile, Buhari has also sought to clarify claims that he was supporting violence in “the dog and baboon” metaphor he used during the 2011 campaigns.

At a recent social media forum, he said his use of the words kare jini, biri jini (literally dog blood, baboon blood) should be in the context of his voter education campaign. He said: “If you could recall, I said in the same place, Ku Kasa, ku tsare, ku raka ku tsaya.

That means guard your vote. Go and vote. Stay where you vote. And make sure your vote counts. That is what I meant by kare jini, biri jini because the thugs of the PDP and INEC if they try to manipulate the figures, you are there, don’t allow it. So this is the meaning of kare jini, biri jini. I want people to make sure their votes count.”

The title of the video clip questions Buhari’s ability to lead Nigeria: “General Muhammadu Buhari’s calls for violence after the 2011 election led to mass bloodshed – is this the man we want to lead Nigeria?”

Hattip: The Cable

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