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Gombe: Governor Dankwambo’s Strides – Youth Empowerment And Poverty Alleviation

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No contemporary leader had done so much in Gombe State to empower youth and alleviate poverty within a short period of time as Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo.

The Youth Empowerment and poverty Alleviation has always remained at the forefront of Dankwambo administration and also represents one of the most practical achievements of the administration.

Dankwambo administration has achieved remarkably well in ‘YEPA’, especially the youth Empowerment, the administration has done something remarkable that has never been done before, as the administration created opportunities to our now well-behaved youths through initiative programs and also drastically reduced poverty through mass transportation and job creation to our teeming graduates (Degree/HND/NCE holders).

The achievements are as follows:

-Training of 320 youths in various vocational and skills acquisitions

– 2700 youths trained under the Talba Youth Re-orientation and Rehabilitation as Traffic,  Environmental, Ward and security Marshals

– Training of 330 youths at the citizenship and Leadership Training Centers,  shere Hills, Jos as Suppervisors of the 2700 marshals

– Purchase of 65 pieces of Jama-Tricycles for the use in rural areas

– Purchase of 550 Keke Napep from Pakistan. For distribution to clubs and associations to alleviate poverty

– Training of 150 Youths on renewable source of Solar Energy

– Procurement of machineries and tools from Pakistan for use in four acquisition centres

– Connstruction of a tricycles assembly line in the state capital for the assembling of completely Knocked Down (CKD) parts of Keke Napep

– Construction of a Technology Incubation Centre in the State capital for small and medium scale enterprises and skill acquisition centres

– Purchase and distribution of 406 prepaid meters to corn millers in the State

– Training of 4 officials of Nigerian Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) Gombe State branch at Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited (PAN), Kaduna for the period of nine months

– Training of 10 youths from the state in the arts of tailoring and embroidery at Adhama Garment Industry in Kano for the period of Seven months

– Training of 1000 youths in welding, fabricating,  plaster of Paris(POP) and tiling.

– Recruitment of over 1500 Graduates through Teachers Service commission (TSC) to teach in the various Secondary Schools across the state

– Recruitment of over 1000 NCE graduates through State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and Local Government Education Authority (L.E.A) to teach in the various primary schools across the state

– Distribution of 100 ALTO Suzuki taxi cabs

– Distribution of 1050 units of 8-seater tricycles for town service

– Distribution of 50 Buses for the Gombe State Transport Company, etc.

Abu-Ubaidah Ibrahim Kuna
Personal Assistant (Social Media)
To His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Gombe State.

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