Opinion: Goodluck Jonathan Should Go On Exile Or (Lose My Respect)

Opinion: Goodluck Jonathan Should Go On Exile Or (Lose My Respect)

By Opinions | The Trent on June 5, 2016
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President Goodluck Jonathan | Thierry Charlier/AFP/Getty Images

When I first heard the rumor from All Progress Congress, APC, Buharists, the mostly Muslim riotous online crowd that former President Goodluck Jonathan had gone on self exile “because he was afraid that he would be arrested by Buhari’s government”.

Honestly, I was very happy. I dismissed the mockery of the Buhari-loving crowd because the satisfaction they would have relished if Jonathan was embarrassed by their parochial president who does not obey rule of law palls in comparison. And it is better that Jonathan were safe outside Nigeria.

Unfortunately,  it was a fabricated rumor. Dr. Jonathan did not go on self exile and those that perpetrated the rumor never apologised for starting it. It was a routine thing for them to lie and celebrate their lies.

Today, if you ask the crowd of useless people any question on the same issue,  they will affirmatively tell you Jonathan went on exile and add a link to that because their damaged brains cannot differentiate truth from lies. They lack the ability to know that a person on exile does not return home and meet with the president in the presidential palace. That is how the devil has corrupted them.

But that is not my point.

The point is…

I personally have a great deal of respect for President Goodluck Jonathan and I am afraid to lose that adoration. Therefore, my appeal to the former president is that he should go into self exile, block his phone lines and remain there with less concern for this empty regime of bitterness.

It is against fairness, equity, and justice to help mediate in  a problem when the person asking you to do so never did same when you were the president and he was an ex-head of state. In my view, it is an error.

I stand for equity, fairness, and justice.

I believe it is fair for people to get whatever they  do to others. Wicked people should not be paid with good and good people should not be paid with bad. Is that not why all religions and belief systems have punishment and reward for all deeds?

Jonathan should know that Buhari and his gang of bandits hate him with a perfect hatred and will never like him no matter what he does for them.  I don’t think he needs anybody to tell him that.

If Jonathan would want to help Buhari on certain issues because of his good nature,  it is also my liberal nature to hate those that do not obey the law of equity.

I don’t want to lose that respect and admiration for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. My sincere advice is…

Sir, leave this god-forsaken country, go on exile, this country is no longer conducive for decent men like you. Forget about this troubled entity. Let the born-to-rule ignorant lot stew in the mess that they created for themselves.

Tam. St. Lawrence is an online political activist. Connect with him on Facebook.

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