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Here’s Why Your Feet Smell, And What To Do About It [WATCH]

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First up, the good news: it’s not your fault that your feet reek.

But still, that’s little comfort when your stinky feet are sending potential paramours running for the hills, and your friends are all calling you ‘cheese on toes’ behind your back.

Thankfully science has come to the rescue (or rather the guys behind the Reactions: Everyday chemistry Youtube channel have) to explain a. why your feet reek, and b. what you can do about it.

First up, why. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t actually sweat which is causing the stink. At least not directly.

Sweat is actually odourless, but the pinky pong occurs when stinky gas-emitting bacteria feasts off the sweaty dead skin trapped in your shoes. Nice.

So we know why your feet reek, but what can we do about it?

Well according to Reactions, quite a lot.

Deodorant on feet gif

1. Wash and scrub: Try washing your feet with antibacterial soap and use a pumice stone to remove dead skin.

2. Socks: Make sure your socks are made from breathable natural material like cotton, and it should go without saying, but make sure you wear a fresh pair every day.

3. Keep your kicks fresh: Not, they don’t have to be new, but you should leave them out to air after wearing.

4. Deodorise: You know that deodorant you put under your arm pits? Well you can use it on your feet too. For real.

It’s that simple. You literally have no more excuses for your smelly feet.

Thank you, science.

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