How To Compare Betting Odds Easily In 2021

How To Compare Betting Odds Easily In 2021

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If you were planning to buy a new car, chances are you would do some research before settling for one. You will choose a model, compare the prices on different sites, and buy from the website that offers the best value for the car. After all, we all want to settle for the best deal that provides value for our money.

Similarly, the principle applies when choosing a betting site. You should compare the odds from various betting sites and pick the website that provides the best odds. The odds on various games significantly affect the amount of money you can make from a single or multi-bet. For example, if Betway offers an odd of 1.85 for Arsenal to win against Chelsea and Bet 365 offers an odd of 2.05 for the same game, you will make more money with Bet 365 should Arsenal win.

Typically, the margin difference between various sites is slight, but a serious bettor would agree that this “small” difference can make a significant change in your winnings. This is especially true if you place relatively large bets where an increase of about 3% can mean winning hundreds of more dollars.

But how do you compare odds, given that there are hundreds of betting sites? Do you visit each site, examining the differences in their odds and noting them down? Well, you can do that, but that would mean investing a lot of your time. Thankfully, there exist sites like where you can compare odds easily and find the site offering the best odds. The procedure of comparing odds with such sites is relatively easy. In most cases, you don’t even need to be a member of such a website to make comparisons.

How to Compare Odds Procedure

Here is the typical procedure:

  • Visit a reliable site or software that compares betting odds like the one mentioned above.
  • On the drop menu, pick the type of sport and league or tournament you want to compare, for example, the English Premier League.
  • Choose the game and the market you want to place the bet—for example, Arsenal vs. Chelsea, Arsenal to win.
  • Once you’ve done that, all betting sites offering this game and market will appear. Typically, the site offering the best odds will appear on top, and the one with the lowest odds will be at the bottom.
  • Click on the betting site offering the best odds, sign up or sign in and place the bet.
  • Wait for the outcome, and if the result is as you predicted, the winnings will be paid to your account.
  • Withdraw your winnings from the site and use it the best way you see fit.

Why compare odds in the first place?

Typically, betting odds reflect the probability of the event going as predicted. The bookmarkers come up with these odds after extensive research, factoring in the opposition strength, injuries, form, manager preferences, and the ground where the game is to be played.

That said, no size fits all bookmarkers. Different bookmarkers prioritize the variables differently. For that reason, there are always some differences between bookmarkers. These differences in opinions offer gamblers a window to find bookmarkers to maximize their returns.

Typically, odds between various bookmarkers can vary by up to 50%. Therefore, do your research and decide which side of the balance you want to be in. Logically, most people choose the bookmarker offering the best odds. After all, we are all in the betting business to make profits, and you got to take every opportunity that can potentially maximize your profits.

The only problem with comparing odds is you may need to open multiple betting accounts with various operators. Most gamblers don’t see that as a problem, though. After all, having multiple accounts is not a crime. Furthermore, most betting sites provide signup bonuses. Therefore, you will get a bonus every time you open a new account with the site giving good odds.

Wrapping Up

Comparing betting odds should be a regular thing for any serious gambler. You can make the comparison by visiting the most popular sites and from there; choose the one with the best odds. Alternatively, you can use one of the many comparison tools available online. Using such a tool will save you time and still help you find the best betting odds.


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