If You Can See The Baby In This Picture You’re More Likely...

If You Can See The Baby In This Picture You’re More Likely To Suffer Psychosis [LOOK]

By Eseme MacDonald | Associate Editor on October 13, 2015
Photo Credit: Dreamstime Stock

HallucinationsTake a good look at the picture above.

Just a picture of black and white blotches, right?

Now look at this photograph of a baby, chilling out with a puzzleHallucinations

If you look back at the first picture, can you now see the image of the baby popping out of the pattern of blotches?

Can you see the baby?

  • Yes

  • No

Scientists believe the ability to see the baby in the image, could show you are more prone to hallucinations, and possibly psychosis.

But this is actually a good thing, the scientists argue, because this is your brain trying to interpret and make sense of the world.

It is actually predicting what it expects to experience, and filling in the gaps in reality, the research by the Universities of Cardiff and Cambridge shows.

They also suggest that everyone will experience hallucinations at some point in their life, namely when people see or hear something that isn’t really there.

How they did their study

The scientists studied 18 volunteers, who had been referred to the mental health service.

They looked at how these people were able to make sense of incomplete or ambiguous images and say whether they contained a person or not.

They did the same test on 16 healthy individuals.

The volunteers with early signs of psychosis performed much better than the healthy group.

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