Instagram To Launch New Anti-bullying Protection Feature In New Update

Instagram To Launch New Anti-bullying Protection Feature In New Update

By Doyin Ajayi | Sub-Editor on August 6, 2019
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Instagram has been part of the trend for quite a lot of time now. And it has reached this level with a lot of improvements that are carried out by an enthusiastic team, which tries to give the best experience to its users.

Over the period of time, there have been a lot of improvements and design changes inside as well as outside the app. The symbol used to be brown, but now it has become pink.

And quite a while back, in some countries even the public like counter got removed, and only the total number of likes is now visible. Though, the feature is under testing, but still the officials are busy collecting the feedback from the users. If you like to flex with a lot of likes on your posts, well, now it’s the best time for you to do it no matter if you buy Instagram likes or you got it the natural way – the platform is half way to saying good bye to it!

And finally, there has also been an anti-bullying feature from Instagram, in the recent past. As per reports, this feature was implemented due to a major part played by the parent company Facebook, as they wanted both the social media websites, Facebook and Instagram to remain clean.

Well, as the officials have revealed and even the reports say, this new feature focuses its attention towards reducing cyber harassment of the youth, who are more active over the platform, when compared to other different age groups. The application will take help of artificial intelligence, as well as human workers, in order to stop all the malpractices happening with the young users.

Majority of the users that are present over Instagram, are young kids, and they come across a lot of harassing, sensitive, and bad content which needs to be stopped from reaching their hands. In fact, the youth of our country, is bullied online, and that’s something which is dangerous for them. Most of the cases of cyber-bullying happen with teenagers, and a huge number of young kids are harassed or molested over social media.

A couple of years back, the officials had started taking care of bullying, that took place with the help of images. Some steps were taken against it, and then, in 2019, the officials decided that they would take help of AI in order to check the new content and all the messages that keep on occurring over the platform. As more and more young users have joined the platform, it’s important to keep a check over the messages and data that is generated from their side.

Now the question is, what else does the application do, in order to take care of the malpractices and bullying comments?

Well, as per the officials, Instagram reviews all those accounts which have a large number of comments filtered out. Once the reviewing process is done, the officials and the team members, run the security checks in order to see whether the comments or content violate the guidelines and policies of Instagram application.

Apart from that, the existing policies have also been improved and some other new policies have also been added to the list, in order to keep the boundaries tight.

New Instagram Guidelines

A machine learning algorithm, DeepText, was developed by Facebook, and it is used to catch all the offenders. All the words, their meanings, and even the context is reviewed by this tool. Nudity, sexual harassment, etc., are some of the violations, against which the action can be taken.

Posting photos that are naked, or photos which don’t follow the guidelines are caught straightway and the user is then warned about it. Once caught, then the user gets a warning about his actions and the steps which he shouldn’t have taken, and he is asked to remove the content. The report is shown to the user, and Instagram officials also have the right to remove the post, and the officials can even remove the user’s profile.

Therefore the A.I. surveillance system used by Instagram under the anti-bullying system is very strong, and it’s difficult to break through it. Officially this feature had been launched, and even it has been rolled out, in order to make sure that the young teenagers which are using the platform take care of it.

In order to get a huge amount of Instagram likes, it’s possible that a user may violate the guidelines, and that’s where this feature can be very useful.


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