Okechukwu Ofili: Why The Interior Minister Does Not Really Understand That Word...

Okechukwu Ofili: Why The Interior Minister Does Not Really Understand That Word ‘IMPATIENT’ [The Trent Voices]

Abba Moro, Tony Ojukwu, Paul Edeh
Former Minister of Interior of Nigeria, Abba Moro | The Trent


I mean…10 or more Nigerians die in a nationwide stampede that involved 2 million Nigerians applying for less than 5000 positions and the first thing the Minister says is that they…the applicants died from IMPATIENCE! Impatience from what?

  • Impatience from graduating from University after 9 years because your University was constantly on strike?
  • Impatience from staying jobless for years even with your Masters degree?!?
  • Impatience from sitting around daily doing nothing while NEPA tortures you with no light?
  • Impatience from being told to be an entrepreneur to create your own job, only to be told that you have to come up with your own capital as well?
  • Impatience from working 9 to 5, 6.5 days a week at a job that you hate but one that pays you barely enough to maintain your receding non-existent standard of living?
  • Impatience from being sexually harassed at the job interview you managed to find because that’s the standard way to get in wink wink….
  • Impatience from queuing for an entire day so that you could buy diluted petrol at inflated prices?

Let me tell you something Interior Minister Mr. Abba Moro…those Nigerians were not impatient, they were desperate…desperate to live a normal life…desperate to live the Nigerian dream that the government has so denied them.

They needed those jobs badly and the last thing they need is for you to tell their parents that their children died from IMPATIENCE. Because the truth is that those people were not impatient in fact they are too patient.

But one day…one day that patience will run out…so the next time you Interior Minister issue a statement, exercise some patience and conduct yourself in a orderly manner before jumping to issue a statement!

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