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ISIS Allegedly Sends ‘Letter Of Invitation’ To South African Muslims

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A letter allegedly addressed to local Muslims in South Africa, purportedly sent by South Africans who have joined the Islamic State (IS), has challenged South Africans to visit the “state” to see for themselves the conditions there.

The letter, which was in the possession of a satellite radio station Channel Islam International (CII) Broadcasting was signed by “the brothers and sisters of your countrymen who Allah has blessed with the honour of being citizens of the Dawlatul Khalifah [the state of the leader]”.

This is a reference to the dreaded terror group commonly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which has overrun large parts of both countries.

According to News24 , South Africa’s State Security Agency (SSA) spokesperson, Brian Dube said the department was aware of the document and was investigating it.

The letter was allegedly written as a response to the open condemnation of the group by several South-African Muslim scholars from the South Africa Council of Muslim Theologians..

In April, 2015 a 15-year-old Cape Town girl was stopped from allegedly leaving the country to join ISIS. She was apprehended before taking a flight to Johannesburg.

The SSA ministry said at the time that she was SA’s first known detention linked to the group.

“For now, what is important is that we establish its [the letter’s] authenticity…We will look into it as part of the work we are doing [with regards to ISIS],” he said.

“Dear scholars, fear Allah in what you say about your brothers. We challenge you to get your information from Muslims within this khalifah [religious leadership] rather than the kuffar [disbelievers] and people who are not equipped with insight into what is actually going on here,” the letter read.

“We challenge you to come see for yourself! If you really can’t come or really cannot get genuine information… then at least remain silent.”

“It is concerning for us that you are being deceived and misguided by people claiming to have knowledge of what the khalifahis and what is happening in Dawlatul Islamia [the Islamic State],” it said.

“Firstly, let us look at the source of this information and knowledge that you are being fed. Most of it is coming from news channels and media sources that are either funded by or run exclusively by Jewish conglomerates.

“So a large portion of your opinions about your brothers and your state is based on information that you attain from the enemy”.

The letter claimed there was ‘No craziness’ in ISIS held territory, in spite of the several horrific images and confirmed reports that have emerged of the terrorist group’s activities.

“No people [are] being dragged off and shot in the head for not giving bayah [allegiance to al-Baghdadi], no random beheading.

“[There are] no dodgy executions of people dragged off the street pleading for their lives. No oppression of women like we see in so many ‘Muslim lands’. No random enslavement of people on the street.”

South Africa’s State Security Agency said it was also investigating whether ISIS had a recruitment network in South Africa.

The radio station, CII said it had confirmed that the letter was forwarded by a South African who was currently living in Syria, although that individual’s name did not appear on the letter. The station also said it did not know whether the document was sanctioned as an official ISIS statement.

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