Judas Iscariot, Marcus Brutus, Rotimi Amaechi: 7 Infamous Traitors In History (READ)

Judas Iscariot, Marcus Brutus, Rotimi Amaechi: 7 Infamous Traitors In History (READ)

By abc News on January 27, 2016
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From biblical days, to the race to colonize the New World, to the situation in the Middle East today, human history has been dotted with self-serving traitors and collaborators who have betrayed their peoples and their nations.

But in the end, not everyone had a chance to enjoy the fruits of their betrayal for long.

The kiss of betrayal

JUDAS ISCARIOT: One of the 12 apostles, Judas betrayed Jesus after the Last Supper in the garden of Gethsemane, where he identified the “heretic” proclaiming himself to be the son of God to an armed band by kissing him. It was the kiss of death for Jesus of Nazareth, but for the Christian faith, the crucifixion and the subsequent resurrection became the central tenets of a faith that has spread across the globe. But Judas was to suffer a punishing fate for his misdeeds.

The Judaean villager was allegedly paid 30 pieces of silver for his collaboration, but in some biblical accounts, Judas threw away the blood money after the crucifixion in repentance and horror. By all accounts, he later committed suicide and the money allegedly went to buy a potter’s field. For his collaboration, Judas has turned into one of the most derided figures in Western history and his name today is synonymous with betrayal.

Judas Iscariot tries to return the 30 pieces of silver he was paid for betraying the Lord Jesus Christ | Still from a Movie
Judas Iscariot tries to return the 30 pieces of silver he was paid for betraying the Lord Jesus Christ | Still from a Movie
Marlon Brando as Marcus Antonius in the film Julius Ceasar
Marlon Brando as Marcus Antonius in the film Julius Ceasar

MARCUS BRUTUS: One of the most well-known cries of dismay over a betrayal is Julius Caesar’s “Et tu, Brute?,” uttered when Brutus, a Roman senator, joined a plot to oust Caesar from power. But Brutus’ betrayal was fueled by complicated concerns for the Roman republic.

A beloved friend of Caesar, Brutus opposed the ascension of any single man to the position of dictator, and he feared his dear friend aspired to such power. Brutus’ inflexible sense of honor made it easy for Caesar’s enemies to manipulate him into believing that Caesar had to be killed for the republic to survive. In the end, the story of Marcus Brutus is the story of the complexities of human choices. The “noblest of Romans” ultimately betrayed his friend because he loved the republic more.

Artist's impression of Dona Marina
Artist’s impression of Dona Marina

DOÑA MARINA: Arguably the most reviled women in the Hispanic world, Doña Marina is known as the traitor — and in some circles, the harlot — who betrayed her people to the viciously cruel Spanish conquistadors. A former slave, Marina was the translator-cum-mistress of Hernando Cortes, the conqueror of “New Spain” or what is now Mexico. Born into an Aztec family, she knew Nahuatl, the Aztec language, when she was sold as a slave in the Yucatan peninsular where she learned the Mayan dialects. She was therefore able to translate the Nahuatl of the Aztec emperor into the Mayan language, which was understood by Cortes’ Spanish translator.

According to legends, the vital linguistic link proved crucial in helping Cortes conquer the New World. Marina went on to bear Cortes a son and for her contribution to history, she is known as La Malinche, a term denoting betrayal. To this day, the word malinchista is used to describe a Mexican who apes the language and customs of another country.

Owain Yeoman as Benedict Arnold - TURN: Washington's Spies _ Season 2, Episode 2 | Antony Platt/AMC
Owain Yeoman as Benedict Arnold – TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 2, Episode 2 | Antony Platt/AMC

BENEDICT ARNOLD: At the start of the American War of Independence, Benedict Arnold was an American hero, a brilliant general who fought bravely in several tough battles. By the end of the war, he was commanding British troops against his former forces, a general on the losing side who has gone down in history as a “turncoat” and a traitor. Embittered by what he saw as a lack of recognition of his military genius, Arnold offered West Point to the British in return for 20,000 pounds and proceeded to systematically weaken the defenses of the strategic fort overlooking the Hudson River in New York state.

But his plot quickly unraveled and Arnold’s contact with the British army, Maj. John Andre, was captured by American forces and hanged. Arnold escaped to a British frigate and although the British never really trusted him, he was given command of British troops. After the war, he and his wife went to England, where he died, the most famous traitor in American history.

Marshal Philippe Pétain shakes hands with Adolf Hitler watched by interpreter Colonel Schmidt | Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Marshal Philippe Pétain shakes hands with Adolf Hitler watched by interpreter Colonel Schmidt | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

MARSHAL PÉTAIN: It was Marshal Pétain’s Oct. 30, 1940, speech to the French people after meeting Adolf Hitler — in which he declared: “I am today setting out along the road of collaboration” — that forever changed the connotation of the word “collaborator.” Although Pétain used it in a positive sense, his actions and his role in history turned the term into a synonym for “betrayer.”

A French military hero during World War I, Pétain was convicted as a traitor for heading the pro-Nazi Vichy regime after France’s defeat in World War II. Following the German invasion of France, Pétain took over as premier from Paul Reynaud and proceeded to sign an armistice with Germany. With German support, he established a Fascist-oriented government in Vichy, central France, that accounted for some of the darkest chapters in French history.

The Vichy collaboration with the Nazis extended to virtually every aspect of life — from the political to the cultural and most notoriously, in the passing of anti-Semitic laws under which French, Spanish and Eastern European Jews were rounded up and deported to German concentration camps. With the Allied victory, Pétain fled to Germany, but later returned to France to stand trial for treason. He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment to Ile d’Yeu, an island off the coast of Brittany, where he died.

Ikuko Toguri, "Tokyo Rose"
Ikuko Toguri, “Tokyo Rose”

TOKYO ROSE: Born Ikuko Toguri, “Tokyo Rose” was the infamous disc jockey whose radio program, Zero Hour, led to the conviction of the Japanese-American woman of treason against the United States. Born in Los Angeles in 1916, Toguri was in Japan when World War II broke out. From Japan, she launched her career at Radio Tokyo as a part of the Japanese psychological warfare machinery.

Under the alias of “Orphan Ann,” Toguri took to the airwaves, beaming propaganda designed to lower the morale of U.S. troops. On air, she never used the title “Tokyo Rose,” which was a term used by U.S. troops in the South Pacific to describe a number of English-speaking Japanese women employed in Radio Tokyo’s propaganda effort.

After the war, she was tried for treason in the United States, and her defense that she was forced to work at Radio Tokyo was rejected. In 1949, a San Francisco court sentenced her to 10 years of imprisonment for the crime of treason. She served more than six years of the sentence before being released. Toguri was eventually granted a presidential pardon by President Gerald Ford in 1977.

L -R: Former Rivers Governor Rotimi Amaechi, APC National Leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and President Muhammadu Buhari pictured in Aso Rock, July 14, 2015 | State House Photo

ROTIMI AMAECHI: Born Chibuike Amaechi and rose from extreme poverty to power at the mercy of his benevolent helper Dr. Peter Odili. It is not clear how they met, but it is a documented history that Dr. Odili who became Governor of Rivers State saved Rotimi Amaechi from poverty and provided the space and opportunity for his eventual rise to power. As it is the practice with majority of machiavellians, Dr. Odili was the first major victim of Amaechi’s rise to power. Rotimi, himself, became Governor. The betrayal of his boss, a strong political national figure immediately shot him to light and prominence and opened vistas of opportunities with Northern power brokers against the wishes of his people.

He would stop at nothing to ensure he became the solo leading light of his home region, the Niger Delta. He celebrated his success of leading the charge and ousting the first and only President produced by the region in a bid to deputise a Northern presidential candidate. While the bid failed due to the cautious reservations by Northern power blocs due to his controversial rise to power and the betrayal that trailed him, he also failed to clinch many other advertised and lobbied juicy positions.

Director General of the Buhari Presidential Campaign, Rotimi Amaechi pays visit to then, President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari
Director General of the Buhari Presidential Campaign, Rotimi Amaechi pays visit to then, President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari

After a turbulent screening process for the position of a federal minister, one that could well pass as the most controversial in the history of Nigeria, due to indictments on corruption, he managed to scale through and was appointed Minister for Transport; a position he also uses to strangulate and further marginalise the people of the Niger Delta. Since his appointment he has been dogged in allegations of championing military incursions and invasions of communities in the Niger Delta and has called for the cancellation of the only Maritime University in the country and sited in the region; preferring rather that it be relocated to the Northern city of Kaduna.

Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is arguably the most infamous betrayer living today for undermining the development of his people, mismanaging several billions of dollars and allying with their persecutors to undermine their survival.

(Hattip: ABC News, Real Oraye)


  1. So Rotimi Ameachi is now a traitor? Total rubbish. I think democracy is about having a choice and he should just be left alone. Rotimi Ameachi is a hero.

  2. Friend don’t you ever forget, that king Pharaoh of Egypt was a hero at his own time. The question is, how did he ended up? It is only the ALMIGHTY God that is the true Hero, stop addressing a common human being as “hero” as that will eventually amount to foolishness.

  3. Amaechi that Northerners have praised for fighting their corner and shutting down Maritime University in Niger Delta.

    I wonder how messed up a person needs to be in the head to betray his own people like Amaechi. Word of caution to Amaechi though, MKO Abiola was a far greater lover of the North than Amaechi will ever be but they destroyed him.

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  5. Is Akwa Ibom not Niger Delta? The previous administration refused to convert Maritime Academy, Oron to Maritime University because it was not in Ijaw land

  6. I just wish the elders of the various states in the entire Niger Delta together With the youths will come together and DISOWN amaechi publicly that he is not a son anywhere in Niger Delta,,, the gods will support because he has BETRAYED the land

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