Ladies, 3 Things You Say When You’re Mad That You Regret Later

Ladies, 3 Things You Say When You’re Mad That You Regret Later

By iDate Daily on March 1, 2014
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by Patrice Danielle

Say what you mean, and mean what you say

Ladies: We tend to be more emotional and reactionary when it comes to relationships and different things that make us upset. It may not be uncommon for people (men and women) to go on an emotional tirade and say things they do not mean; however, when it comes to relationships, this can be a dangerous thing for various reasons. While it is difficult to control your own emotions, especially when angered, it’s important that we remove ourselves from the situation to allow time for logical reasoning before saying something we will regret.

Here are 3 of several things females tend to often say in an elevated frustrated, angry state of mind that they tend to regret later on:

1) “I’m done with this relationship.”

2) “I am never going to do (insert action here) again.”

3) “I don’t care if you see other people.”

Once we say these things and don’t hold fast to our word, we diminish our credibility bit by bit. Men begin to lose respect for us, and they stop taking us seriously. One smart thing a male friend once told me is not to push to get a reaction out of your significant other. Sometimes the aforementioned statements are only said with a vengeance to make the other person upset. Once the frustration and anger go away, it turns into regret, apologies, and results in two people growing further apart.

Relationships aren’t easy and controlling emotions is even harder. But it is important to think twice before saying things you will later regret. Put the relationship first. Remove yourself from frustrating situations and give yourself time to cool down. You will be happy in the end.

Patrice Danielle is a blogger and show host for She holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in accounting from Florida A&M University and the University of Notre Dame. 

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