Ladies, How To Stop Your Man From Being A Lazy Lover

Ladies, How To Stop Your Man From Being A Lazy Lover

By Lifestyles | The Trent on June 8, 2015
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Has your boy turned into a low-energy lover? Or more importantly, have you turned into one? Lazy intimacy can be the beginning of the end.

When a lover gives up and starts to make excuses for not wanting to engage in physically intimate activites, you know you have a problem on your hands. No girl or boy should ever be lazy as this will gradually begin to harm the relationship, and possibly open the door for ouside affairs.

Signs of a Lazy Lover

– Headache, tired, or the ‘I am busy’ excuse. If you have to resort to turning into a dominatrix, then the party is over, or is it?
– Ejaculating in seconds, before you have climaxed every time you make love. This lover does not care about your needs or has medical issues that need to be attended to by a docter who can help.
– Sex once a week, or even worse, once a month.
– No caressing or seducing, just straight into sex.
– Catching him drifing off to sleep.
– Trying to watch TV or answer his mobile phone at the same time you’re making love.

How to Stop him being a Lazy Lover

– Mix up a solution of horny goatweed, ginseng, and L-arginine and tell him it’s a vitimen!
– Leave sex books in the bathroom. Guaranteed he will pick them up and read for tips.
– A male’s ego is his weakness, and is so easy to inflate if you know how. A proud man is a sexy man.
– Tease him for days and do not let him near you; it drives men crazy.
– Don’t keep a TV in the bedroom
– Never ask for it, initiate it
– Place rules on hours of playing video games – otherwise his hands will be too tired to do anything to you.



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