Makeup For Brown Eyes: Click To Learn These Celebrity Secrets

Makeup For Brown Eyes: Click To Learn These Celebrity Secrets

By Lifestyles | The Trent on June 2, 2015
Kim Kardashian pictured at the Grammy Awards 2011

“The right makeup for brown eyes is able to make your look more expressive and profound. How to choose the right shade, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick?”

The right makeup – is one that emphasizes the natural beauty of your face and skillfully disguises imperfections. Makeup for brown eyes gives scope for imagination. So your eyes are suitable for almost all colors and shades. With shadows and brushes you can make look strict or playful, soulful or aloof, seductive or gentle.

The Shadows

When choosing the shadows, pay attention to the color of hair and skin. Makeup for brown eyes, if you’re blonde, may include beige, olive green and dark pink color. Brunettes especially the face are brown, blue,purple and gold shade. You can also use different shades of grays, but certainly in the outer corner of the eye is necessary to put a dark gray shadow. Light shades of gray on a background of brown eyes just fade.

To get the most successful make-up, you must also consider the shade of your eyes. Walnut pupils (lightbrown) – then select the shade of olive and brown, chocolate pupils (dark brown) – choose blue shades, hazel pupils – choose green or pink shade. Of course, all the tips about the combination of color and shades of the pupils are quite relative. It should be a lot of experimenting to find the most suitable makeup for brown eyes.

Make-up artists are advised not to use the brown-eyed girl’s shade of orange shades, as they distract the attention of your pupils by making them expressionless.

Mascara and eyeliner

When applying evening makeup for brown eyes need eyeliner. During the day it is better not to use to make did not look too geeky. You can take both the upper and lower eyelids, black eyeliner to make eyes more dark and expressive.

As for the ink, the brown-eyed girl, perhaps the only ones who can use brown mascara. In this case, they will benefit. Do not get involved in ink color (green, blue, orange), against the background of the pupils noble brown colored lashes will look cheap and vulgar.

Makeup for brown eyes the example of celebrities

If you have light brown pupils, like Jennifer Lopez, try using warm chocolate, golden, honey, caramel shades. Loved make-up J. Lo – is smoky eyes in gray or brown tones. Singer emphasizes the eyes, while she gets on her lips just a little light brown.

2 (1)

Burning for Brunettes, attention may be drawn to makeup for brown eyes, which uses the Kim Kardashian. Reality tv star most often uses a shimmering silvery and Golden shade. Since Kim’s dark brown eyes, her eyes especially elegant look shade of green shades. Makeup for brown eyes from Kim necessarily involves increased volume mascara-lashes star seem enormous.


Gwen Stefani blonde have deep dark eyes, close to black. Most often the singer uses only liner, totally ignoring the shadows. And judging by her makeup, does everything right. The black arrow on the top eyelid does look more expressive, but not take away attention from the eye. The integral attribute of makeup for brown eyes of Gwen is a red lipstick.

If the temperature outside is -10°C and colder, it is advisable to use the face cream. Only do not try before going out to smudge a moisturizing cream-only nutritious!

Apply the cream must be at least half an hour before going outside, and advise beauticians. The fact of the matter is that even fat cream contains not less than 25% water. So, if you’re causing it before going out, the skin may become super cooled dry and start to peel off.

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