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Man Gets Stuck Inside Best Friend’s Wife During SEX In Cross River

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A man reportedly got stuck inside his best friend’s wife during a sexual escapade in the Ikot Nakanda community in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State.

The man identified only as Etefia, and his friend named Otuekong, who were both from Akwa Ibom State, have been best of friends for a long time.

Unknown to Otuekong, his best friend who was also related to him had been having a secret affair with his wife until the fateful day in August 2015, when he got stuck inside of her during one of their escapades, according to Pulse.

Narrating the incident, an eyewitness whose identity was not disclosed said:

“It was a thing of shame and stranger than fiction. I am from Ikot Nakanda though I live in Lagos. It happened last month when I came home to hear how Etefia was found stuck inside Otuekong’s wife.

From what I gathered, Otu had gone on fishing in the Bakassi waters and in the night, Etefia sneaked into his house to have sex with his friend’s wife but in the morning, the neighbours heard cries coming from the home of Otu and on getting there and forcing the door opened, they found Etefia on Otu’s wife, Ikwo. He had been stuck in the woman.

They were said to be sweating profusely and crying for help. As no one could do anything, some men had to mobilise and go in search of Otu and after much pleading, he came with the men and it took pleas from village elders for him to get them entangled.

It turned out that he had planted a certain kind of ‘juju’ on his wife known as ‘ekpo nka awo’ on his wife when he suspected she was cheating on him.

He had to appease the gods before Etefia could withdraw his manhood from the woman. From what I heard, without Otu appeasing the gods, the two adulterers would have died.

I heard that the elders listed certain things for Etefia to provide so as to cleanse the land. This is a lesson for men who loves sleeping with married women.”

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