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Meet The Man Who NEVER Feels Electric Shock: Withstands Up To 10 Amps Of Electrical Current [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

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A tenth of an amp is enough to kill an ordinary human being, but Raj Mohan Nair is anything but ordinary. This human conductor is able to withstand several amps of electricity passing through his body without suffering any bodily harm.

Electricity Mohan or Electro-Man, as Raj has come to be known all around the world has an amazing super-power. Just a small a mount of electricity can be fatal to most humans, but this man can conduct several amps and survive unscathed. There’s nothing super-human about his looks, but connected to an electrical power source, Raj Mohan Nair can do extraordinary things.

Raj Mohan Nair  doesn't feel electric shock
Raj Mohan Nair doesn’t feel electric shock

He doesn’t shoot lightning bolts from his hands or anything, but he can power up a light bulb or an electric blender by grabbing two live wires and allowing massive amounts of current to pass through his body. He might not seem like a superhero worthy of his own comic book, but it’s a lot more than the rest of us mortals can withstand. If these wires touched any other human’s body, the electricity would cause their organs to fail and stop their heart, but not Mohan’s. With one wire in his mouth for better conductivity and the other anywhere else on his body, Mohan lets the electrical current run through him and into whatever other device he’s trying to power on.

Raj Mohan | Photo: DCEL
Raj Mohan | Photo: DCEL

The story of how Electricity Mohan first discovered his gift is just as unbelievable as his super-power. Raj lost his mother when he was seven years old. Heartbroken, he tried to commit suicide by climbing a transformer and grabbing one of the live wires. To his amazement, nothing happened. That’s when he realized he had been blessed with a gift from God.

Since then, he has been shocking (pun intended) the world with his immunity to electricity. But how is this man able to withstand up to 10 amps of electrical current without literally frying? Daniel Browning Smith tested Raj Mohan Nair’s resistance to electricity using a multimeter, and found that his body is over 10 times more resistant than that of the average human. Although his eyes get glazed over when the current passes through his body, rendering him temporarily blind, this Indian Electro-Man can withstand enough electricity to power a hot-plate. If an ordinary person were exposed to that much power for just a fraction of a second it would cause permanent muscle damage and stop their heart.

Raij Nair Mohan | Photo: DCEL
Raij Nair Mohan | Photo: DCEL

But Raj Mohan Nair is not the world’s only human conductor. Two years ago, I wrote about Slavisa Pajkic, another extraordinary man from Serbia, who can withstand high voltage. His case is somewhat different though, as according to some report he has no sweat and salivary glands. Scientists say the current might not even be passing through his body, but only through the skin which acts as natural insulation.

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