6 Ways To Make 100% Use Of Your Mobile Gadget We Bet...

6 Ways To Make 100% Use Of Your Mobile Gadget We Bet You Didn’t Know 

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Are you one of those people that got tired of downloading several applications on their smartphone or gadget with the hope of improving productivity? Now, you want to really be able to do more with your mobile phone! Well, the productivity applications for smartphones might be great tools, but you have to know how to properly manage the features that are built-in on your device to make them worthwhile.

We will be looking at different ways to improve the productivity that your smartphone offers without having to download any application.

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Arranging your applications

It is high time you got the applications on your smartphone organised if you haven’t tried that yet. When you properly organise your smartphone applications, it becomes easier to find and use the apps. You can begin by putting the apps that you frequently use on the home screen of your phone and then put the ones occasionally used on following screens. An alternative would be arranging applications that have similar use – productivity apps, gaming apps, social media apps, and so on.

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Utilising dictation and voice commands

You should think about using the full potential of the voice features on your gadget. Different gadgets have varying possibilities, just check and see what yours allow. This could range from sending text messages to appointments scheduling just by speaking to your gadget. So, for the sake of those that don’t like to type or cannot type fast enough, here is your chance to use the advantageous features of voice commands to read emails, write notes, draft articles, and do more.

Online Gaming

It isn’t all the time that you need to download an additional application before you can enjoy a favourite game. Our generation supports a lot of amazing gaming features that can be enjoyed right online. The casino game lovers are one of the major beneficiaries of such option as they all can use mobile phones for gaming in online casinos. You also can enjoy the best uk mobile casino games right from your smartphone.

Getting rid of redundant apps

We are all guilty of downloading apps that we might end up not using. Well, there are times that some of our favourites apps at a time become ones that we no longer use. Why leave such apps on your smartphone to take up precious storage space? Dedicate a couple of minutes to check the entire apps on your gadget and decide which ones should stay and which would be deleted. You might also want to check for related applications and backup files on your computer and other devices to clear up more space.

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Deactivate status updates

Of course, status updates are cool, but have you considered how diverting they are when you have something really important to do at work? You don’t need an alarm going off at every email or comment that you get on your social media post. You should think of those updates that you want disabled in order to avoid jumping at your phone at every beep that it makes.

Consistent system updates

You will end up spending more time trying to get your phone right if it regularly crashes or acts buggy. You should endeavour to keep your phone in top shape by consistently downloading a system update and upgrading your applications to the latest versions. However, you should consider backing up your device before updating in order to prevent potential loss of data.

Just by following the six tips given above, you would be glad with how the performance of your gadget can be increased.


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