Is There Money in PCB Design? A Recent Study Suggests So

Is There Money in PCB Design? A Recent Study Suggests So

By Wires | The Trent on April 5, 2018
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A study was published recently on Questale about the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market. This whole research focused on the countries of EMEA, that is, the countries from Europe, Middle East, and Africa. It showed how this industry grew exponentially in the last 5 years, something that suggests that the same trend will follow in the upcoming years.

Key players in the PCB industry like the two Taiwanese companies Unimicron and Zhen Ding Technology, or Japan-based Nippon Mektron, are expected to make big financial gains in the near future through the manufacture of the so-called rigid flex PCBs. At this point, you’re probably wondering why PCBs are so important in this day and age.

Why Are PCBs So Important?

To understand the importance of PCBs, you need to understand what they are and how they work. Basically, PCBs are for electronic devices what cells are for the human body.

They make the very core of any processed performed by such devices, meaning that without PCBs a wide range of modern industries would not be possible – automotive, airspace, IT, and so on. Actually, there aren’t many industries out there that could do without the use of this technology.

Because they’re so important, it’s not a surprise that the global market for bare PCBs is estimated to be over 60 billion dollars. Mind the word “bare”. In order to be used for a certain device, each board needs to be specially adjusted. This is where PCB designers step in.

PSB Design Might Be the Job of the Future

Even that number seems pretty decent, but it’s fair to assume that it’s going to go even higher in the next couple of years.

As the PCB industry is inevitably going to get bigger in the future, choosing PCB design as career path seems like a wise choice. Right now, it’s estimated that an average yearly salary of a PCB designer in the United States is about $61,500.

Furthermore, as the industry grows, the need for skilled PCB designers are gonna go up as well. A big number of new job posts are guaranteed to open in the next couple of years.

How to Become a PCB Designer?

The fact is that in order to do the job of a PCB designer, you don’t have to have a college degree. It’s all about the skills, so whether you have a piece of paper saying that you’ve finished college doesn’t really matter.

Of course, without a proper education on the subject, you can’t acquire the right skills needed to become a successful PCB designer. The areas of study that can lay the foundation for a PCB design career include electronic design, computer-aided design, and so on.

Completing a CAD training course seems like a very good decision, as most PCB design tasks are taken care of through computer-aided design software, such as Altium, AutoCAD, TurboCAD, Eagle, and so on. Knowing how to use some of these programs might be the factor that decides whether you’re gonna land a well-paid job or not.

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