‘NCDC Abandoned My Late Son-in-Law Because They Suspected He Had COVID-19’ –...

‘NCDC Abandoned My Late Son-in-Law Because They Suspected He Had COVID-19’ – Selma Ahmed Cries Out

By PR Nigeria on April 26, 2020
Chikwe Ihekweazu, the director-General of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC

The National Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, has promised to investigate the allegations by a 70-year-old woman, Selma Ahmed about the death of her son-in-law in Kano State.

Ahmed, in a viral audio obtained by PRNigeria, complained about how both the NCDC and Kano State government abandoned her son-in-law to die as a result of suspected COVID-19 Infection.

But the Head of Prevention, Programmes and Knowledge Management, NCDC, Dr. Chinwe Ochu, noted that response to infectious diseases outbreaks such as COVID-19 at subnational levels are led by the states.

Ochu stressed that NCDC supports states in preparedness and response to disease outbreaks including capacity building, hands on training, guidance and coordination.

“NCDC does not have an office in Kano nor in any state, however, NCDC supported states in setting up public health emergency operations centres run by states to ensure effective coordination of public health response.

“Samples have been collected from close contacts of the diseased for testing,” she said.

In the same vein, an official of NCDC while speaking to PRNigeria, assured that the allegations by Ahmed are being investigated.

Read the full transcripts of Mrs. Selma Ahmed’s audio:

I am Selma Ahmed , speaking from Abuja, I have a problem with Kano government and NCDC Kano. My son in law has been sick since Monday. My daughter called me and told me it’s high fever and told me it’s typhoid. When she told me it’s typhoid fever, I asked if she is sure it’s typhoid fever, because, somebody will say it’s typhoid fever and from there he will start coughing and then sneezing. She said she is sure, that they have given him drugs and they are at home taking the drugs.

On Tuesday, I called her, I said how is he feeling, she said he is getting better, little by little. I said ok since he is getting better no problem. Yesterday around 3am, she called me and say he cannot talk again and his breathing is high. I told her the problem could be COVID-19. In COVID-19, if somebody is having fever, he cannot talk properly, he is coughing, what do you expect?

Please rush him to the hospital. Have you called ‘NCDC? She said yes, they have been calling since yesterday night, that all the phone lines are not going through. Somebody gave them another number, they have been calling the number, it’s ringing and nobody is responding to the call.

So, I decided to call the NCDC in Abuja, when I called, they said they would get back to me, that they will call the Kano branch now and tell them what is happening. They asked me where he is.

I said he has been taking to a private hospital in Kano. When they took him to that international hospital in Kano, they admitted him and put oxygen, after about an hour, another doctor cane in a referred them to Aminu Kano, that he is not responding to the Oxygen. (I know that the doctor is looking for a way to drive them from the hospital, but I don’t blame him).

So, in getting to Aminu Kano hospital, they put him on oxygen again, I called this Abuja NCDC again, I asked them how far, because, they have left the international hospital and are in Aminu. ‘NCDC said they will go there Ahn ahn!! Every 30 mins I will call the NCDC because the once in Kano are not responding, he will be telling me that they will soon go there, they will soon go there! When the thing was getting out of hand I called this man, please tell me the truth, what is happening?! Then he told me that the NCDC in Kano has been shut down. I said you know they have been shut down and you are telling me they will soon go there, why did you continue playing with my intelligence, he said sorry madam.

So I called Raypower radio, I told them all, I was live on Raypower around 4 o clock and complained to them.

My Son in law does after two hours, when he was in Aminu Kano. So, I am holding the Kano government and the NCDC Kano, responsible for the death of my son-in-law.

What is paining me most now, that my heart is broken into pieces is, ‘what will happen to my grandchildren, when there is no NCDC in Kano?’ please I want people to come to my aid.

I am dying, I’m an old woman. I don’t want M children to die in Kano, no NCDC in Kano! Please people should come to my aid oooooh!! They should come and help me I’m dying! They should not let my children in Kano die. NCDC in Abuja, please take note, FCT minister help me oooooh, I am shouting to everybody, everybody if you hear this one please help me! So they can go and test my children and grandchildren, please help me that’s all I have to say. My heart is broken into pieces. I am an old woman, my age is 70 years old. Please help me, the general public, if there is anything anybody can do, he should help me. Thank you, everybody.


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