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When it comes time to networking, some business owners struggle with that end of the spectrum. It doesn’t come easy to everyone and that’s why the Internet is great and reading this blog post will be great. Oh I almost forgot the Internet is also great for learning about the best popcorn kernels.

Going forward you will learn about some key tips to help network your business and how to carry on networking your business down the road.

Remember, you can’t reach out once and think that your business is going to take off- it might and you would be very lucky but most businesses need to keep up with their network in order to be successful. It’s fun and you could help others out just like they will help you!

Create A Pitch

It’s important as a business owner to be prepared and know what you are talking about. Understand the concept of networking and how interacting with other likeminded individuals will pay off down the road.

When creating an elevator pitch, it’s basically knowing off the bat- who you are, what your business is all about, how you can help as a business owner and what your business values.

This pitch should take no longer than one minute. You basically have one minute to explain to a new client or customer how great your business is. The worst thing that could happen is a new client asks you a question about your business and you don’t have the answers too.

Of course it depends on the complexity of the questions, but if you know your business from top to bottom like most business owners do, than networking and coming to terms with a good pitch should not be a problem.

Trade Shows & Business Conferences
business trade fair
AMPER International Trade Fair, Romanian Business Exchange

Attending trade shows and business conferences is another great way to get yourself out there and surround yourself with other like minded folks. It’s all about making good connections and putting yourself in a place with other entrepreneurs, will allow you to communicate business.

Investing in a booth at a trade show is great too because it shows that you are a serious business owner. It will allow you to showcase your business and give you a chance to speak about it to others who are interested.

Business Cards

business cards

As a business owner, the one important thing you should never leave home or the office without is a stack of business cards. You never know who you will run into and might need your products or services. Also as part of networking, you should get use to talking to as many people as you can and slowly transition into what it is that you do.

If you attend a business conference or a trade show it’s essential that you have enough business cards to hand out to thousands of people that might stop by!

Business cards have your contact information so people can get ahold of you and find your location. If you do not have a business card for your business I would recommend getting some made quick.

You can make your own business cards online and I would recommend ‘Vistaprint’ for good templates and fast shipping! You can also buy cups and pens and other branded merchandise for your company as well. Why not give away some pens with your brand on them at the trade show? It’s all up to you how you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


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