Nigeria Votes Along With North Korea, Iran Against UN Resolution To Protect...

Nigeria Votes Along With North Korea, Iran Against UN Resolution To Protect Human Rights Defenders [TWEET]

By Ekemini Ekwere | News Reporter on November 26, 2015
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General Muhammadu Buhari, arrives the Eagle Square for his Inauguration in Abuja, Nigeria, Friday, May 29, 2015. (Photo Credit: AP/Sunday Alamba)

Nigeria makes a sharp departure from its stance as a defender of democracy and votes against a United Nations resolution supporting and protecting people who promote and defend human rights.

Samantha Powers, United States Ambassador to the United Nations made the details of the vote known to the world on micro-blogging website, Twitter.

“Terrible,” Powers said in her tweet. “Nations voting against UN resolution supporting and protecting people who bravely promote and defend human rights.”

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The other countries that voted against the resolution include those with some of the most oppressive regimes in the world like North Korea, Syria, China, Burma, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran.

African countries that voted against the bill are Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, and Burundi.

According to an official United Nations press statement on the vote, the Nigerian representation to the United Nations explained why Nigeria voted against the resolution for the protection of human rights defenders. It said Nigeria said that “states had the primary responsibility to promote and protect its citizens’ human rights” and as a result there was “little or no need for the draft resolution to be before the Committee.”

One hundred and seventeen countries voted in favour of the resolution. Fourteen voted against it, while there were forty abstentions.

The UN Resolution states the following responsibilities for states:

  • To protect, promote and implement all human rights;
  • To ensure that all persons under its jurisdiction are able to enjoy all social, economic, political and other rights and freedoms in practice;
  • To adopt such legislative, administrative and other steps as may be necessary to ensure effective implementation of rights and freedoms;
  • To provide an effective remedy for persons who claim to have been victims of a human rights violation;
  • To conduct prompt and impartial investigations of alleged violations of human rights;
  • To take all necessary measures to ensure the protection of everyone against any violence, threats, retaliation, adverse discrimination, pressure or any other arbitrary action as a consequence of his or her legitimate exercise of the rights referred to in the Declaration;
  • To promote public understanding of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights;
  • To ensure and support the creation and development of independent national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights, such as ombudsmen or human rights commissions;
  • To promote and facilitate the teaching of human rights at all levels of formal education and professional training.


  1. what do you expect from Nigeria, Buhari cannot be abusing human rights at home (DASUKI, NNAMDI KANU etc) and you expect him to be signing agreements made for civilized climes. He is leaning towards countries like NORT KOREA,CHINA , MYNAMAR, PASKISTAN, IRAN etc.That is how we have retrogressed in just six months.

  2. Thats a very good thing to hear. Western education atimes seems to be very good.someone without any form of formal education ruling a country filled with people with intellectuals. A blind person ruling people that are not blind. First he has to be educated on the need for human right for him to know the need to disengage himself from those other countries going against the resolution.

  3. is now clear to the world that buhari is a dictator ,can leopard change it colour?, i hope UN should allow biafra to separate from nigeria .

    • It’s this government acting on personal wants or on people’s desires? Was he voted by the people or appointed by some individual?

  4. For PMB to vote against such bill there should be more to that. He should remember he is under a democratic regime and as such the right of every one is paramount. If it’s mission is to have a dictatorial tendency then he have gotten it all wrong.

  5. buhari was recruitted by amadou bello, that was the first issue that led to 1966coup in your zoo country.
    all present northern generals in the army today in your zoo does not attend even secondary education, much more graduate, they were all recuitted by amadou bello. SHAME.
    DOCTOR Chris Ngige, a medical practitioner given the post of Minister of Labour & Employment, instead of health minister. what a zoo.

  6. it’s so glaring and obvious for the entire world and men of good will who truly understand the meaning of human rights and rule of law, to step in immediately to save this situation. Nnamdi kanu the leader of the indigenous people of biafra, has been extra judicially detained under the custody of Muhammad buhari secret police whose he have been using to terrorized his enemies since his assumption of office, we are putting the world on notice of these abuses of rights of a common man in Nigeria. Since the judiciary is said to be the last hope of a lay man on the street, let it be championed now by the United Nation by asking Nigeria dictator cum sole administrator to release Mr Nnamdi kanu unconditionally come second December 2015, we learnt that he had been subjected to heavy torture and degrading and dehumanize treatment which does not mean well for his health having being a person with health condition of ulcer, this goes a long way to say the DSS and buhari is subjecting him to a slow death. For instance on 23rd of November when he was arraigned, the kind of man handling he was greeted mostly by the man with red cap before the mammoth crowd who invariably were his supporters and his comrades in this struggle, could tell the world what these Leeches, scavengers, savages and brigands that are masquerading themselves as security men are capable of doing. That same red cap fulani aboki man have been caught several times wanting to sneak in where Nnamdi kanu incarcerated to kill him but has been unfortunate, still on that day he couldn’t held his intentions for him. We are peaceful and law abiding people, but at the same time we come with fire and brimstone if they want to put our resolve to test. We want Nnamdi kanu released and return to London where he will be given fair hearing in a competent court of law, where justice is been done and if they Nigeria government think that they have a compelling charges against him as to comments he made during his broadcast on radiobiafra let they meet us at the world court or before United nation panel to prove him otherwise, if nothing is done about it we are ready to go headlong with Nigeria in war, or whatever way they want it, our fathers Fort them three years, and
    now we don’t mind fighting until nothing that walks on legs stand and we are assuring you Britain and your leagues it will involve you for whoever that sold wind must reap in return whirl wind. Stand up to your responsibility now and do something because Nigeria is your creation, we are not begging you British government, you must do something to save this looming danger before its escalation.


  8. It’s this government acting on personal wants or on people’s desires? Was he voted by the people or appointed by some individual?

  9. Nigerians are geting the picture clearer now, that the man we voted into power is not a democrat,he has no respect for human right,all the progress we made during GEJ regime in the area of human right has been eroded,Buhari is a dictactor. Leopad can never change it’s spot,How can a religious begot rule a coutry like nigeria successfully, Boko haram that GEJ almost defeated have sundenly become so powerful to the extend that they are killing our soldiers like chicken under secrecy,Nigerians in their blindness refuse to see the hand writting on the wall during the presidential campain, now we have voted a sectional leader,a religious begot,a dictactor, a hypocrite, boko haram spokesman now things are falling apart

  10. All you people who have made comments above truly know nothing about the UN and their propose position on what they truly meant and what they truly stand for and intend to do and portray when they ” world leaders” who are champions of the UN talk about human rights; to know what they truly stands for when it comes to human rights and what they are proposing? I indulge you to look to Iraq and Lybia after the UN actions on an agenda of human rights and on the action taken in the break of fighting for human rights; then you will understand what the UN truly means when it talks about or talk of human rights!

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