Osinbajo Insulted By El Rufai, Walks Out On President Buhari (DETAILS)

Osinbajo Insulted By El Rufai, Walks Out On President Buhari (DETAILS)

By Ephraim Adiele | Associate Editor on September 16, 2015
President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (left) pictured at a campaign rally in 2015

All may not be well with the ‘ad-hoc’ cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari as fillers from the Presidency indicate an unhealthy power tussle between an elected member of the President’s cabinet, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and an unofficial one in the person of Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai.

A few weeks back, our investigations reveal, the tension between Osinbajo and El Rufai came to a head when Governor El Rufai insulted the Vice President in a meeting at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock, and Osinbajo reacted by denouncing El Rufai and walking out of the meeting, which had President Buhari presiding.

According to inside presidential sources, El-Rufai is widely regarded as the unofficial vice president in the Buhari administration.

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A top source within the Buhari government, who spoke with The Trent on condition of anonymity disclosed that “Buhari prefers to have a fellow Northerner as his right-hand man”.

“He did so as military head of state and is uneasy with Osinbajo who is (Bola) Tinubu’s boy,” the source revealed.

“As you know, if the position of veepee was appointed and not elected, Buhari would never have appointed a Southerner, a Christian for that matter to be his VP,” the source explained further. “The President, clearly, prefers and places more trust on El Rufai as far as matters of governance are concerned. El Rufai has played a key role in some of the President’s appointments. He nominated Amina Bala Zakari for appointment as Acting INEC Chairman forcing Buhari to go against Jega’s earlier decision and planted his chief of staff who is also the founder of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, Hadiza Bala Usman inside President Buhari’s recently constituted Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee.”

Muhammadu Buhari and Nasir El Rufai
Muhammadu Buhari and Nasir El Rufai

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Further investigations reveal that the Kaduna Governor and other Northerners in Buhari’s kitchen cabinet have little regard for Vice President Osinbajo. Behind closed doors, they dismiss him disdainfully as “Tinubu’s puppet”.

Other sources in the Presidency confirmed to The Trent that had it not been for the Constitution which mandates the Vice President to be present in meetings of significance in the government, going by the aggressive push of the Northern bloc in the Presidency, Osinbajo would be left out of all high-power meetings, a scenario that happened twice in the first month of the new administration.

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Osinbajo Undermined

The Trent had reported exclusively in June 2015 that Osinbajo was locked out of a high-powered security briefing on the orders of Buhari. In attendance was the then, National Security Advisor Sambo Dasuki and the top brass of the military led by the erstwhile Chief of Defence Staff, General Alex Badeh (Rtd).

Following our report, there was a frantic effort by APC social media activists to push back with denials until Osinbajo was locked out of another security meeting, still on the orders of Buhari within a fortnight.

A senior APC official in one of the South West states said, “You would recall that immediately Buhari was sworn in, he locked out Osinbajo from a security meeting. They tried to deny the news reports until it happened again in less than two weeks. The APC online propaganda engine was used to plant doubt in the minds of Nigerians, especially party faithfuls, that Osinbajo did not have to be at the President’s security briefings. Some even went as far as suggesting that since Osinbajo was a lawyer and as such, he did not have the wherewithal to process security information.

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General Muhammed Buhari (Left), the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) with party leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and, vice presidential running mate to Buhari, Prof Yemi Osinbajo (right) pictured at a campaign event in Minna, Niger State in 2015 (Photo provided by Buhari Campaign Organisation)
General Muhammed Buhari (Left), the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) with party leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and, vice presidential running mate to Buhari, Prof Yemi Osinbajo (right) pictured at a campaign event in Minna, Niger State in 2015 (Photo provided by Buhari Campaign Organisation)

“But that is balderdash! Jonathan and Sambo are not soldiers, they both attended security briefings together. Obama and Joe Biden are not soldiers, yet they both attend security briefings. Recall the famous photo of Obama and his security cabinet in the situation room directing and monitoring the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden? Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were in the room.

“It is sad what is happening to Osinbajo in this government. Buhari needs to be told this is a democracy and he could not win his way to Aso Rock without the South West,” the official concluded.

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APC Governors and Governors-Elect visit President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari before the May 29 inauguration. Buhari (front middle) shakes hands with Governor Rochas Okorocha. To his right is Vice President Elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and behind him is Kaduna Governor Elect, Nasir El Rufai.
APC Governors and Governors-Elect visit President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari before the May 29 inauguration. Buhari (front middle) shakes hands with Governor Rochas Okorocha. To his right is Vice President Elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and behind him is Kaduna Governor Elect, Nasir El Rufai in a black cap.

Osinbajo vs El Rufai

Our reporter also spoke with a top political activist in the All Progressive Congress (APC), who confirmed that there is a power tussle between the Kaduna governor and Osinbajo, but maintained that Osinbajo had the upper hand.

“El Rufai is an intellectual rodent when placed side-by-side with Prof Osinbajo. He is always trying to prove that he knows more than the veepee, many times attempting to dismiss Osinbajo’s contribution before Buhari,” he revealed. “What people like El Rufai forget is that he is a product of a quota system that celebrates barely adequate people as champions, while Osinbajo emerged from a competitive academic environment. They are no match. El Rufai tries too hard.”

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Osinbajo Pushed To The Wall

An informed source in the Presidency narrated a disturbing incident to our reporter, which happened a few weeks ago.

He words: “So, it happened that in a meeting of Buhari’s kitchen cabinet in Aso Rock, Governor El Rufai in trying to disagree with Osinbajo’s contribution raised his voice and insulted the VP in the meeting. To everybody’s surprise, Osinbajo got upset, told El Rufai off and told the President, ‘I am an elected Vice President of this country, I will not sit here while an ordinary governor insults me in your presence. I deserve some respect.’

“Osinbajo, then, stormed out of the meeting angrily, leaving the President and others present stunned.

“Still not done, El Rufai who was ruffled by the unexpected action of the veepee told President Buhari, ‘If he had respect for you, he would not have walked out on you.’

“Mr. President responded coldly and quietly as the scene unfolded, and was mute as Governor El Rufai tried to deflect blame for what happened.

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“When Buhari remained silent and said nothing after the childish outburst by El Rufai, everyone got the message that the meeting would not continue without Osinbajo. Some people excused themselves to go to Osinbajo to beg him to come back to the meeting. The Vice President, reportedly, told the peace-makers he would not return to the meeting unless El Rufai came and apologised to him.

“El Rufai sat quietly after Buhari’s rebuff, feeling like an overzealous son whose father was displeased with. That was how the meeting ended. At some point, a visibly disappointed Buhari also stormed out of the room, leaving El Rufai with egg on his face.

“All is not well in Buhari’s kitchen cabinet. El Rufai has been uninvited from Buhari’s meetings since that incident,” the source concluded.

Editor’s Note: Following this report, Buhari’s media team issued threats to The Trent and our President and Executive Editor which we documented, READ: The Disappointing Response By Buhari’s Presidency To The Trent. Our Editorial Board issued a statement on these threats, which you may READ: Buhari Presidency’s Response To The Trent: Our Position. We stand by our story. We believe our sources to be credible. 


  1. Nothing good but hatred and power tussle will fill this administration , four years will come and go like 4 days and nothing about change will happen only propaganda as usual but that will still not be seen in the eyes of the foolish Nigerians who ever voted APC

  2. Am not surprise at all, but El-Rufai should be aware that no APc no South-west. That’s is an early sign for Osibanjo and his followers

  3. U see all this hausa’s are not sincere see that rubbish and selfish El-rufai is not his falt is south west that support them more than what they deserve abi? They are now attacking us don’t worry 4years is near already.

  4. we dont want overzealous citizens who occupy strategic positions of this great nation; unity and service, we all yearned for and not spoilers. Nobody should unecessarily cause the President any stress. In as much as we dont know the truth about what goes on within the kitchen cabinet of Mr. President for one to aportion blame, everyone should play his or her role in line with the provisions of the Constitution, please and President Buhari to sanitize the Nation.

  5. El-Rufai should know that he was voted by Kaduna people while the VP Prof Osibanjo was voted by Nigerians and deserve to be respected irrespective of his (El-Rufai) personal relationship with PMB but for the VP is the Nigerian constitution that brought them together and the constitution should be respected above all .

  6. The author of this article is a mad person. Sorry to say! How can you call a first class graduate “El-Rufai” a product of quota system? I totally understand you grievances but it is very obvious that your personal beliefs, opinions and prejudice is highly embedded in this piece.

  7. We appreciate your efforts to update your teaming readers on many issues in Nigeria but caution be taken when reporting, CNC & VP are the no 1 & 2 while el Rufai is a governor of his state,was pick by CNC & VP such minor disagreement should n’t be capitalize upon to draw the attention of public unless you’re from opposition trying to create suspicious among Nouth and South.

  8. We appreciate your efforts to update your teaming readers on many issues in Nigeria but caution be taken when reporting, CNC & VP are the no 1 & 2 while el Rufai is a governor of his state,was pick by CNC & VP such minor disagreement should n’t be capitalize upon to draw the attention of public unless you’re from opposition trying to create suspicious among Nouth and South.

  9. Mr president and others, what they are doing now can needs to destructive destination of Apc, because I can see it and smell it. Turning God things upside down or trying to claim his Will means a lot. Mr president should be careful because I can see the end. It doesn’t end well and he should play the roles of democracy, not making difference in between religious and we Nigerians respect him. He should be leader of our country not for one part of the country. I respect our former Presidents of this country like Jonathan, obasanjo, ya’radua and others carry people along. Mr president please be careful don’t make mistakes that your generations will be reaping for the rest of they’re lives. I love you as a president of this country. But be careful thanks and God bless you Amen!

  10. dat el rufer shd be curtion becos he has been chewing more dan he can bite. And una president shd be cheecked and question on de reason y he avoid his VP 4 not participating on every briefly meetings he held espically the meeting dat concerns SECURIT issues dat are much important 2 average Nigerians. Anyway, i’m not surprise abt una PRESIDENT becos i know dat some thn more dan dat will still happen since his MINISTERS and PEOPLE HE BROUGTH around him are NORTHERNS, these his inaction has showed dat he knows much abt BOKO HARAM and where CHIBOK GIRLS has been KEPT otherwise he wouldn’t have exclude his VP 4rm attending meeting dat comprises of much of his EVIL BROTHERS (NORTHERNS). APC CHANGE 4 REAL, JUST DE BEGINING OF ASOLUTELY CHANGE! NIGERIANS EXPECT MORE FROM EVIL DOWERS!

  11. It’s high time we as Nigerians be sincere to ourselves.The earlier we get out of tribalism the better for us. This especially to the Yorubas.

  12. I call on all Nigerian ezpecially d Yoruba pple n loving pple of Biafra to pls pray for Mr.V.President. His life is in danger Aso rock villa

  13. This is not a good news at all. We all must learn to tolerate one another as Nigerians.
    President Buhari belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody therefore his not a tribal bigot. President Buhari is focus, discipline, rich in integrity and has a clear vision of were Nigeria needs to be. I would only urge those close to him not breed discord or cause tribal grouse because a house divided against itself cannot stand.
    The mere fact that Prof. Osinbajo SAN was nominated by Tinubu (stand to be corrected) does not make him Tinubu’s puppet. Prof. Osinbajo SAN is a calm, discipline, proactive, visionary and productive person. These qualities and many more explains why he was nominated by Tinubu and President Buhari agreed, otherwise President Buhari would have objected to his nomination as Vice President. His positive reform in the Lagos state judiciary  when he was Attorney General of Lagos state is still be felt till date.
    President Buhari and Prof. Osinbajo SAN is a winning team. We all must work together irrespective of our ethnic background, religious belief and political ideology in order to achieve the positive change we voted for. The goal is to make Nigeria GREAT.
    God bless Nigeria my country.

  14. if this happens to be truth then, El-Rufai was wrong and disrespectful to the Vice President; which deserves an immediate apology.

  15. Mr. President I was thinking you said you will be President for all Nigerians, how can a governor like El Rufai insult a prof who is a VP of this nation called Nigeria, Mr. President Buhari, if you over look El Rufai, insulting Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, believe me that this El Rufai with his power madness will cost problem in NIGERIA ,how can a so called governor have such power, El Rufai remember you are not schooled like the Prof, I don’t know why this Northern think they have powers more then all Nigerians, if we can’t stay together we have to share in countries and remember Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is an elected VP so El Rufai you can’t remove him from office. Be careful and look your back.

  16. it is not a joking matter and must not be swept under carpet, that a govenor, having insulted naija veepee still point accusing finget to veepee without apology. Haba, sai baba Buharii, caution him now.

  17. PMB should caution El – Rufai about his overzealous and took know attitude, he should know that the VP is the creation of Nigerian constitution. In the first place, what is his business in Aso Villa? PMB is from Katshina State, Aminu Masari the Governor does not frequent Aso Villa like this so called El Rufai who has turned himself into nuisance around PMB who always want to be around PMB so that people will believe that he’s important. For his pride and arrogance not to destroy PMB and his Government, the time is now to distance himself from this SPOILER.

    • Whatever happens, no matter who is involved, we will in the final analysis hold the President to his words-“I belong to nobody, I belong to everybody”. Can he walk the talk?

  18. OK is nt a jokes i knw el rufai cant insult him unless he make mistake bcos rufai respecting the pmb also vp his mistake insult him not rufai.even pmb mek mistek rufai can take action but what of so called vp osinbanjo.mai rusau you are correct.

  19. act 1 scene 1, Nigeria Constitution in error and politics of Ethnicity.. The VP should be very careful about what is going on in Aso Villa, truly Nigeria and Nigerian demanded for change, but there is nothing we call in politics without the use elements of Democrats and rules of law where individuals interest and right will be respected.. Really I don’t know what transpired that could warrant such an embarrassment from a Governor to number 2 citizen of our dear country… My takes on this, is that Mr president should call his errand boy to order for the sake of national unity and progress.

  20. I doubt if Nigerians can ever learn from the past, how on earth can you expect a 72 and above years old man and a retired general to change like a chameleon, have we ever seen a leopard change it’s skin? This is a man who went to insult former Oyo State governor on behalf of his uncharitable fulani herdsmen, accused the immediate past govt. of fighting the north and Muslims under the pretense of fighting Boko Haram. And for loosing an election promised to ensure that Nigeria will be made ungovernable, a promise that came to pass with the happenings in the north east and the betrayals of our northern army officers in that government fight against Boko Haram. Not only was his election was a victory at the polls but a conspiracy by Tinubu and other disgruntled politician to seize power in other to protect themselves from the probe that may follow, should Buhari win without their support. Or are there not better, more energetic and younger Nigerians that are also corrupt free, that can move us to a greater height than recycling this tired and analogue fill ideas about governance at this computer driven generation.
    Let it be known that Nigerians are yet to taste the bitterness of power rotation, since I doubt if the north will ever allow power to slip off their hands again, since democracy is a game of number, and with the fake census figure of 1921, when the British used the population density of the southern Nigeria to calculate the population of northern Nigeria. A development that made the northern population to triple that of the southern Nigeria because of the land mass. The south west may think they are gaining now but very soon they will cry wolf when the south east becomes the better bride. Its time we all think of a con-federal state or a break-up.

  21. PMB you are respected all over the Southwest, and it wouldn’t be good for elrufai be insultive to your vice, if you allow that to happen in your kitchen cabinet it simply mean you are the author of such mischievous actions.
    Note that all Nigerians voted you into power stop this preference to only the northerners
    Elrufai must tender an apology to your vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

  22. My comment is to allow nigerians tarry a while, as it is abit early in the life of this administration. I propose six months patience and observance as true picture of things will unfold.

  23. El rufaI will soon insult buhari ,not quite long he insulted the person that made him who he is today. When did he became famous pls? About the demolition go ahead and demolish the all of kaduna it’s your cup of tea, if the fight against corruption is truly, molan rufai will go to prison how comes u acquired ur properties in abj. Mr gifted man


  25. When religion n tribalism and ethnicism comes into play of cos this is the best anyone should expect am not worried abt the backward ness of this country anymore am worried for my generation are we to stop or continue with all this rubbish?

  26. Going by what is happening( enthinicity, trabalim etc ) in this present govt, it is obvious that power will soon come back to south b4 d end of this first tenure of PMB. Is only God that knows how, and no power can avert it, unless things are done rightly by PMB according to the will and fear of God.

  27. let no one talk about seperation of nigeria yet because the coruption free president is in power. But let me tell Nigerians that we no longer say the truth again but only hide and shift blames to others. All i see is confusion in apc, tribal sentiment, north and south decortomy, deceive Nigerians with lies. I feel apc will not bring chamge.

  28. I personally say apology to our VP, what I expect some Nigerian to say is to contribute what will bring unity to the country, I will also remind Nigerian that PMB says I quote ” I BELONG TO NOBODY I BELONG TO EVERYBODY” PMB is for everybody no matter ur religion or tribe he accommodate everyone, the past govt. turn Nig. youth into slave, but PMB made us know our right, therefore every body should wake up especially youths and support PMB regime so that Nija will be better, God bless PMB, and God bless Fed. Rep. of Nigeria

  29. Its so funny, the kind of comments PDP supporters make. Its like you guys are waiting for this administration to fail. If indeed you love this country, you will know the success or failure of this administration will affect us all and not just those who voted APC. No government is perfect, but I can say from what as happened so far that Nigeria is in safe hands. God bless Nigeria. God bless the leadership of this great nation.

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