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Rivers Ijaws Reveal Their Political Ambition Ahead Of 2015 General Elections

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It is a political ambition that may rankle some, but not the Ijaws in Rivers State who at the weekend resolved in their determination to get the governorship of the state.

So, it was not surprising that the people at the weekend came out with a demandJust as they are found in all the coastal states in the country, the Ijaw ethnic group remarkably is found in all three senatorial zones in Rivers State, specifically in ten local government areas of the state.

“We therefore remind the National and State leaders of the respective parties to remember that a social debt is owed to the people of the Rivers Ijaws with respect to Governorship of Rivers State,” spokesman of the Eastern Delta Peoples Association, Youth Wing, Mr. Kingsley Pepple said at a media interactive session last weekend.

Continuing, he said: “It is only but fair to offset these existing social debt. A candidate of the Ijaw extraction, definitely settles the civic debt owed the people of the Riverine. Luckily Rivers Ijaws can be found in the three senatorial districts of the state,” he said in obvious reference to the long agitation of the people of ethnic Ijaws to govern Rivers State.

Continuing, he said the group had collected twenty five  thousand signatures so far from people of the state who endorse an Ijaw governor for 2015.

The group further said that two former governors of the state  would address the peaceful rally, adding that it would hold at the Isaac Boro park.

“Twenty groups have also expressed support and soidarity with the Eastern Delta Peoples Association. Two former governorship and eight other highly respected dignitaries of the state are billed to speak at the unity rally scheduled for October in Port Harcourt”, he said.

The group further appealed to other ethnic groups in the state to support the drive by the Ijaws to be governor of the state.

“We ask for the same measures of friendship and support that we have freely given in the past, to enable a daughter or son of our challenged locally to occupy the Brick house and give adequate attention to our plight and that of other Rivers communities”, he said.

Noting what he said to be attempts by other more endowed interest groups to derail the ambition of the group, he said:

“We have seen varying forms of maneuvering , selling of outright lies, distortion of history and inducements to deny rivers Ijaws the same opportunity that we freely gave to our brothers in the past , thereby seeking to erase  us out of the political equation of Rivers State.”

“Our leaders, sons and daughters have agreed not to reject any money or gift offered to gain their support by these agents of disunity & hatred , simply because the item can be of service to them at some point. On 2015 polls, we have resolved to support a Rivers Ijaw candidate. We therefore encourage all men of good will, lovers of justice, equity & unity  to keep pumping in the money in as many schemes as possible to support our economy. The vote of the People of Rivers State is not for sale.”

Chairman, Steering Committee of the parent  body, Elder Lawrence Jumbo later inaugurated the leadership of the youth wing in ten local goverment areas  of the state where the Ijaws are found.

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