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The Most Romantic Cities In The World (PHOTOS)

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If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a destination wedding, or even to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, here’s a few cities that fit the bill perfectly

1. Paris, France

I hesitate to say that there is one perfect city for romance, but if there were, Paris would be a leading contender. Paris truly is a city for lovers. For Parisians, romance isn’t confined to one day a year; it’s a way of life. With stunning views, spectacular architecture — the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame — world-renowned restaurants, cute cafes, gorgeous French wines, couples in love as far as the eye can see, and access to the most impressive art collections in the world, Paris has all the trappings for romance. Every great love affair requires time in Paris. Make sure to give each other the chance to say, “We’ll always have France. 

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Reuters

2. Bora-Bora

It’s not a city but I couldn’t let that little hiccup get in the way of romance. It might take awhile to get there, but it’s worth the effort.

Clear blue waters, pristine soft-sand beaches, opportunities to snorkel in coral reefs and lonely, romantic lagoons make Bora-Bora a lover’s island paradise.

While there are other places to stay, there is nowhere better than the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, where thatched-roof bungalows spider out into shallow waters on sturdy wooden piers.

Time out of the water and each other’s arms should be spent exploring the rain forest near the island’s volcanoes (with the help of a guide). It might be a popular tourist destination, but Bora Bora has a way of making you feel like it’s there just for you.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image via FourSeasons

3. Okavango Delta, Botswana

I’m breaking the city rules again, but it’s all in the name of love. Formed by seasonal flooding, Botswana’s Okavango Delta is an otherworldly oasis in an otherwise arid land.

Unlike many other countries in Africa, Botswana has enjoyed a thriving tourist trade for decades. And thanks to Botswana’s conservation policies, more than a third of the country is protected land.

The region’s floodplains attract wildlife during high season, this includes lions, cheetahs, Africa’s largest population of elephants, hippopotamuses, antelopes and an array of animals who only journey to the region seasonally.

There are a few companies that offer safaris and camping opportunities in the delta, including Delta Camp, where “campers” stay in reed chalets on the banks of the Boro River. The Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge has nine split level suites each with large bathtubs and al fresco showers. In the wild, passion doesn’t need to be contained.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image via &Beyond

4. Seville, Spain

Seville was once the meeting place of two opposing cultures, and that opposition has created a striking fusion of architecture and food.

It just so happens to be the perfect place for two different people to find some romantic common ground as well. The capital of Andalusia, Seville reflects the region’s Christian and Islamic past beautifully in sites like the Catedral de Sevilla and Alcázar, which is now used as a palace by the royal family.

The original home of sherry and Spain’s greatest achievement, sangria (in our opinion anyway), Seville has more than it’s share of local delicacies, including a wonderful variety of traditional Andalusian dishes that are the perfect size for sharing with a partner.

While Seville is a stunning reflection of a storied past, it is also the perfect place to start a new romantic future.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

5. Tallinn, Estonia

Sacked, razed, bombed, and bombarded, it’s amazing anything of Tallinn’s past survives, but thankfully it does.

The perfect setting for a chivalric romance (the knight and his virtuous lady role-play is entirely optional), Tallinn’s old town is a medieval time capsule, complete with the three Cs: castles, cobblestones, and cathedrals. Tallinn is the kind of city that encourages wanderers.

Small and easy to get around, hold hands through its winding cobblestone streets, making sure to stumble upon the stunning Kadriorg Palace. Designed for the Russian tsar Peter the Great, it now acts as the Foreign Art Museum and houses a perfectly-curated collection of undeniably romantic works. Situated in Kadriorg Park, it is just the right kind of place to get lost together.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Reuters

6. Fes, Morocco

Fes is the medieval soul of Morocco. Often overshadowed by fashionable and popular Marrakesh, Fes has a quieter, relaxed bustle.

Fes comes alive every day with the sounds of artisans selling handmade goods in the markets and the smell of spices. If romance is about being transported, Fes is the place to land. With new boutique hotels opening in restored Riads and Dars, which retain much of their original mosaics and courtyards, Fez offers lovers sumptuous surroundings both inside and out.

Many of these same hotels also include access to traditional hammams and spas where couples can retreat for a little pampering away from the busy city streets.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

7. Savannah, Georgia

As America’s Civil War was coming to an end, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman began what was called his March to the Sea, which included destroying cities like Atlanta along the way. When Sherman reached Savannah, he just couldn’t light the match. Thankfully, Sherman left Savannah intact and gave the city to Lincoln as a Christmas present.

Today, Savannah is the perfect place for a slow, Southern lover’s retreat. Savannah’s founder, James Oglethorpe, had the forethought nearly 300 years ago to plan his city around small residential squares.

Now with 22 garden and fountain-filled public spaces surrounded by mansions and trees dripping in Spanish moss, Savannah oozes almost as much romance and mystery as it does humidity in the summer.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

8. Fiesole, Italy

Located in romantic Tuscany, Fiesole is a hillside village with breathtakingly beautiful views of the Tuscan landscape and of nearby Florence. Settled thousands of years ago by the Etruscans, Fiesole is an archeological wonderland of ruins, including ancient walls and a Roman amphitheatre that stand as proof of its long, uninterrupted past.

Only five miles from Florence, Fiesole is perfect for couples who want to be near the city without dealing with the city crowds, which is something Florentians figured out a long ago, building palatial villas in the Fiesole hills. Even winter in Fiesole has its charms, especially for lovers. Nearly devoid of tourists, the city is entirely yours to share.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

9. Galway, Ireland

Galway itself wouldn’t make our list of most romantic cities, but it is an ideal base from which to begin an exploration of Ireland’s romantic West Coast.

The region’s deserted beaches and emerald fields have attracted writers, artists, and,  most importantly, lovers for centuries.

Natural wonders abound, from the Ring of Kerry, Aran Islands, and Lakes of Killarney to the majestic Cliffs of Moher and moors around Connemara. Rent bikes and stay in tiny villages with only one hotel and one local pub, where long-time residents gather to drink and sing together during the evening.

Storms that form over the Atlantic pass quickly over the area and leave it in constant flux between rain and sunshine. It’s wild, free, and unpredictable … just like love’s supposed to be.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Reuters

10. Hoi An, Vietnam

A 15th century port town, Hoi An has old world charm in abundance and new world attractions in the form of spectacular beaches and resorts fit for sun-worshiping couples.

On the night before the full moon every month, the city turns off every single light and bathes itself in the soft glow of thousands of paper, glass, and silk lanterns in all colors and sizes.

The only thing better than gazing at the face of your lover from across a candlelit table is doing the same by lantern light.

The World's Most Romantic Cities

Image Courtesy: Reuters

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