Sadiq Abacha’s Open Letter To Wole Soyinka (READ)

Sadiq Abacha’s Open Letter To Wole Soyinka (READ)

By Salisu Sulaimon | Sub-Editor on March 5, 2014
Wole Soyinka, Tyranny, Nigeria
Africa's first Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka
Sadiq Sani Abacha
Sadiq Sani Abacha

Sadiq Sani Abacha, son of former Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha has penned an open letter to Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, in reaction to a recent statement in which the noble laureate released to announce his rejection of the Federal Government’s Centenary Award.

While speaking on Nigeria’s Centenary celebrations and his reasons for rejecting the award, Soyinka said that it was an insult to share an award with the late Abacha.

Wole Soyinka wrote:

Such abandonment of moral rigour comes full circle sooner or later. The survivors of a plague known as Boko Haram, students in a place of enlightenment and moral instruction, are taken to a place of healing dedicated to an individual contagion – a murderer and thief of no redeeming quality known as Sanni Abacha, one whose plunder is still being pursued all over the world and recovered piecemeal by international consortiums – at the behest of this same government which sees fit to place him on the nation’s Roll of Honour! I can think of nothing more grotesque and derisive of the lifetime struggle of several on this list, and their selfless services to humanity. It all fits. In this nation of portent readers, the coincidence should not be too difficult to decipher. I reject my share of this national insult.

Read Soyinka’s full statement: Wole Soyinka: Centenary Award – I Reject My Share Of This National Insult

Abacha describes Soyinka’s statement as cowardice.

Now, here is Sadiq Abacha’s response:

If you want to think, speak, and act logically then you should know all three.

1. The law of identity

2. The law of excluded middle

3. The law of non-contradiction.

Now let’s look at each one of these and see what they mean in practice.

1.The law of identity

The law of identity means that things are what they are, which at first doesn’t seem very illuminating, but wait; it implies also the following, that things are what they are, whether you like them or not, it implies that things are what they are whether you know them or not, it implies that things are what they are whether you agree with them or not.

However, if you don’t like the facts as they are you are going to have to put up with them, because facts are what they are, if it’s raining on your golf day, get used to it! Because the facts are what they are and are often not what you want them to be, like if the traffic lights turn red when you approach, stop complaining! The law of identity means that you must adapt yourself to the facts and start your work from there, it implies that the facts will not bend to meet your expectations. You must first adapt yourself to what life is and then get to work changing and improving things in your life, be brave to meet reality as it really is and not how you would wish it to be.

2. The law of excluded middle.

The law of excluded middle means that you should give a straight yes or no answer always and there is no middle ground. The law means that there is no kinda yes and kinda no, there is no ‘sort of’ being married because you are either married or you are not, you are either a thief or you are not, you are either on time or not, you are either living in Nigeria or you are not. The law is the idea that you should not try to keep all of your options open by staying in the middle or hedging, when it suits you, like when you accepted an appointment during IBB’s regime as chairman of FRSC. I bet that was a military regime you partook in. Please pick one wife and state your claim 100% to her, pick one idea and go for it 100%! Decide and commit Sir! There you might find great power and self satisfaction in the doctrine of decide and commit. No half way measures, no middle ground, exclude the middle! Here! The law of excluded middle Sir.

3. The law of non-contradiction.

The law of non-contradiction says don’t contradict yourself simple. If you say you will be there then be there. If you say you will do it then do it. Don’t say or fight for one thing and then do the opposite. Don’t say one thing and then later deny that you said it. Don’t say one thing and then later contradict it. Be consistent in your thoughts and actions. Observing someone who was a socialist in the morning but then became a capitalist in the evening is a textbook on contradiction, these are two polar opposites, such a person is clearly inconsistent and is therefore considered a flip flop, confused, easily led or misled or at best a lunatic who has no clear understanding of the basis of either doctrine.

Apply these three logics to others with consistency and then you can ask for the same or expect the same from others, and then you can also ask for others to deal with facts not fantasy, which is the law of identity. Ask others to make up their mind to decide and commit. The law of excluded middle.Then ask others to follow through on the things that they say they would do. The law of non-contradiction.

Sir, I believe brilliance is not perfection. I have grown and watched you criticize regime after regime and at that young and naive age I was thinking why wouldn’t this man just contest to be president so that Nigeria can be saved, I would have defiantly voted for Mr Soyinka if it would have brought an end to Nigeria’s woes. To my utter surprise, I heard about your FRSC leadership and how funds were misused and a great deal of it unaccounted for. “Oh my God! In the end he turned out to be just the same as everybody else” were my next thoughts. My hopes for you, all ended up in great disappointment.

Here I find myself defending my father 15 years after his death because some of you have no one else to pounce on, or rather, you have chosen a dead person to keep pouncing on over and over again when you have more than an array of contestants.  A coward’s act I believe.  “A common writer” is what I have heard you being referred to lately, and I believe a mature mind would now agree to such referrals. With all due respect, there is a great challenge that faces the country, we have to put our heads together, rather than clashing, our collective ships must sail in the same direction, let us leave the ghosts of past contention and face the future bravely as one, criticizing the past does not help the present or define a path to the future.

You say, with the weight of your sense of history and the authority you possess on national issues that “a vicious usurper under whose authority the lives of an elected president and his wife were snuffed out” referring to my late father, you must be growing old, or you would rightly recall that that president elect you refer to did not die while my father was alive. Did you slyly change your facts to fit a history that would better serve your narrative, or are you just plain forgetful? Either way, it shows you are losing your grasp of reality.

Comparing my father’s leadership to Boko Haram’s current reign of terror,  is a rather cheap shot, you are in no position to examine, judge and sentence an entire regime based on the information you think you have, you are privy to almost none of the true facts, what is at your disposal is at best, hearsay, or were you ever minister of defence? did you ever sit in during security meetings, evaluate the facts and subtleties of national security? You remind me of Obama criticizing the Republicans  before he became a sitting president himself, vouching to put an end to all American occupation, this all came to an abrupt end once he had access to the briefs and security issues, economic and political, facing his nation. Surely he did what he could, and history will judge him. To lead is not to be a rock star, and to be a Nobel laureate is not to be a an antagonist of this countries legacy.We are Africa’s leaders, whether we like it or not, we cannot trivialize the centenary celebration, it happens only once, let us come together, if only for this one occasion and agree to disagree.

Open rebellion against the current government at this time, on the manner of the centenary celebrations, for whatever reason, is tactless, it is not about you, it is about our nation, our beloved country. There is a time and place for everything. My late father was a Nigerian, lived in Nigeria and died protecting our interests to the best of his ability, critiquing placing him on the honor roll, along with many deserving dignitaries is your right, you have the right to your own opinions, but you do not have the right to your own facts. Facts stand alone, regardless of who espouses them, let posterity judge, but you are clearly politicizing a dead issue, how could you not be? Having an issue with the naming of a hospital after the late General and leader? Really? Now?

It almost seems as if you want to turn back the hands of time, what else would you like to undo besides the naming of the hospital, would you like to unmake Bayelsa State, Zamfara State or the others?  What about the advances we made in commerce, reducing the inflation rate, what about security and welfare, how many projects, hospitals and schools were created? Inflation went from 54% to 8.5%! My father oversaw an increase in our foreign currency reserves from 494 million dollars in 1993 to 9.6 billion dollars by the middle of 1997, that is unprecedented , 15 years after the PTF the benefits are still being reaped today in Nigeria. What of peace keeping and nation building, not just in West Africa but the entire continent, restoring democracy in Liberia and Sierra Leone, all these under my father’s leadership, are all these not laudable? Or would you like to undo them all? All this on 8$ per barrel of oil! You have to be kidding me.

You are a learned man, you would have to undo all your learning to knowingly wish to undo all these achievements! I will be the first to proclaim that my fathers leadership was not pitch perfect or spot free, that does not exist, maybe in utopia but not here on this earth, so let us keep our discourse set in the sphere of reality please, he deserves the award, and he did not campaign for it, let it go, Sir… and allow Nigeria to at least bask in our survival and endurance in our growing prosperity and development in these trying times. I have been accused of being an optimist, hence, I am optimistic that you will come around and accept that we can all come together and face the future together, forgive each other our wrongs while celebrating our rights, I am still an admirer of your works after all, however, I cannot and will not attempt to answer your every charge, this is not the time or place, this is a time for solidarity, if only you were wise enough to grasp this.

I applaud the patience of President Goodluck Jonathan and his composure and restraint in not having a knee jerk reaction at such a pivotal moment in our nations history, but you would mar the occasion, Sir, in the future, please pick your battles, and do better to safeguard your relevance,  Enough Sir!

Sadiq Abacha.


  1. Well written, the truth is, people don’t always remember u for your good deeds if your bad deeds are far too much

  2. Sadiq Abacha must understand celebrating the centenary does not proceed ssolution to NIGERIA ‘s problem. Honoring your father may not be so bad idea, but a greeter trouble of encouraging NIGERIA ‘a leader to loot and promote corru

  3. Sadiq u served him right.people like Senior Soyinka, should address the issues of insecurity in the and high level of corruption in our dear country rather,taking to history.Abacha had done the best he could and left the rest for future judgement which was nt quite distanced but the results are all over our faces.From buk.

  4. I don’t know so much of the great tale of Abacha’s reign since I was only a child. But such a fit of achievement is trully unprecedented.

  5. Soyinka is a critic,let him contest he,ll knw is a nobody even ten vote will come frm his family,learn 2 respect d death sir.

  6. This is indeed true sadiq. Your father’s legacy will forever be remembered especially his PTF’s initiation.. Because at this point in time, most of our hospitals and schools are still benefitting from the good work done by the regime. And as for soyinka, I advice him to join other well meaning nigerians to make our country great. Nigerians are indeed well better off during abatcha’s regine than the current democracy. May Allah help #Nigeria

  7. Sadie you were contradicting yourselves by throwing the benefits of Abacha regime and the evils perpetrated by Abacha.What is required of Abacha family especially the biological children. is always appeal to Nigerians as your father ruined the lives of many Nigerians by murdering their family heads.In a decent country where premiership is withdrawn from a family because a family member of the premier was caught riding a train without a valid ticket which he could not pay at the bus ientry point due to lack of appropriate Strategic.

    I want you to know that all the children of past bad leaders are known to everybody.Your appeal for forgiveness must be meticulously drafted as Abacha regime was the LARGEST looter of Nigeria and the least children can do is to l apologise for your father did to the nation before enjoying the stolen wealth in peace

    At appropriate time if we have a country called New Nigeria,your family will be forced to surrender all Nigerian money Afterall a poor man JANGEDI had his hand cut in Zamfara for stealing a goat to tell that most of Nigerian past and present should either be stoned to death,publicly executed and prohibition of their generations from political appointments so that their children will not continue to insult our collective physche as nation after enjoying the loot of their forebearers to the detriment of physical infrastructures.
    As for the professor Soyinka is Yoruba man before being a Nigerian.Yorubas do not respect the lineage of any family who has ever produce a thief,murderer,a looter,a raper etc even if they own the fortunes of the universe.Therefore he knows the tradition that only corrupt Yorubas celebrates our so called including your father .To reduce the shame from the dynasty,change the name or apologise to nigerians insteading of insulting us

  8. Sadiq, dude you need to take several seats and keep a low profile. You and your family profited from the blood, sweat, and tears of Nigerians. Your father was responsible for the callous killing of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other activists. You need to disappear and quietly prepare for the wrath of God that is coming on you and your generations to come rather than writing open letters to a noble man that has more decency in his little finger than your entire family combined.

    Let me repeat, Sadiq Sani Abacha go and sit down somewhere and pretend you don’t exist!!!

  9. Well done sadiq like father like son. Ur so brave like Gen dama (bare tayi gudu danta yayi rarrafe) prof wale soyenki always critic man he is beating about the bush why he accept FRSS in I B B Govt which not political govt.

  10. Sadiq Abacha,if you’re so intelligent to recall all your father’s achievement why did you forget the number of people your father killed and how he refuse to listen to the plight of the pope and the great madiba to spare the life of social activist ken saro wiwa.Permit me to use the words of Rotimi Amaechi, when he said he blame NIGERIANS for not taking to the street to protect against politician looting our treasury.People like you and your entire family should be in jail not only for stealing but for killing so many people.Then u won’t have the opportunity to support your late father’s killing.idiot!

  11. sadiq or wat do dey call you?no mata hw eloquent u sound or even phylosophic as d case may b.if the truth be told USA or other well organized society will never honour ur father for all d atrocities committed by him..his wrongs out-weighs his right in large scale.
    I advice u to hide ur identity as u have bin all dis while cos ur upbringing n education r products of stolen funds.

  12. I know Sadiq very well cos we all grew up in the same hood back in Ikoyi while jis dad was still GOC and before he became president.We were very close and still remain so.Sadman as we call him is just protecting the image of his late father and if we rreally go thru his appeal you will discover his level of diplomacy and tactum.He has appealed to Prof to let sleeping dogs lie and he also said he still has great respect for prof,who dosnt?All we need now it to work for the good of our country and make peace with all men.

  13. Well done, Sadiq! Well articulated and put together. Somebody should please tell all those “GOODIE TWO SHOE” acclaimed elites to learn how and when to shut up and let things be. The Good Book said, let he who has not commited a sin cast the first stone. Sanni Abacha had his day and times in Nigeria and no matter what he did or didnt do, He was a past leader in this country during when his words was law. Many people were made what they are today during that regime and no matter whatever allegations you have against him, who made you an ultimate judge over his actions?
    The Likes of Soyinka who always complain and have not one word of suggestion for the betterment of the country should at best leave the country and go to more civilized climes and stay. At least he has done so before.
    Nigeria will definetly get there there some day, not by useless criticism and dredging up past ghosts.
    Abacha was in the past. we are today and the proponents of the future.
    Lets join in building rather than destroying and criticing every move.
    There was nothing wrong with the centenary celebrations or whoever the governmnet chose to honour.
    Abacha’s deeds or misdeeds shoulld be left to God to judge. Not Self righteous people like Soyinka.
    Who introduced cultism to Nigerian Universities? Pls Soyinka should explain his actions with the Pirates, Buccaneers and other fall out of the cult he started way back. For whatever purpose he started cultism in Nigerian Universities, what good has it done on the long run? How many innocent youths have been cut down in their prime?
    And he can stand up and call another Tyrant! If You dont want an award, dont collect. Stay at home in your Abeokuta mansion and stop casting aspersions on a dead man.
    Enough of this self righteous Hypocrisy!
    Once again, well done Sadiq! You are your Fathers son.

  14. sadiq abacha has absolutely no right to be heard in this country. ur dad was so baaaaad, his list of evils is by no means exhaustive. the fact that we r all quiet and have decided to keep quiet is no reason for u to think we are all fools and begin to disrespect decent and noble nigerians. just hide ur face in shame and live a good and peaceful life and pray 4 the forgiveness of ur father’s atrocities u hear?

  15. Sadiq, I think you have to reply the US Government on this too!

    Read excerpts below:

    In what has been described as “the largest kleptocracy forfeiture action ever in the United States, The U.S.Department of Justice has frozen more than $458 million in corruption proceeds hidden in bank accounts around the world by former Military dictator Gen. Sani Abacha and his conspirators.

    A civil forfeiture complaint unsealed yesterday in the United States District Court in the District of Columbia seeks recovery of more than $550 million in connection with “the largest kleptocracy forfeiture action brought in the department’s history.”

    The restraint of funds announced yesterday includes approximately $313 million in two bank accounts in the Bailiwick of Jersey and $145 million in two bank accounts in France.

    In addition, four investment portfolios and three bank accounts in the United Kingdom with an expected value of at least $100 million have also been restrained, but the exact amounts in the accounts will be determined at a later date.

    Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and Assistant Director in Charge Valerie Parlave of the FBI’s Washington Field Office made the announcement.

    “Gen. Abacha was one of the most notorious kleptocrats in memory, who embezzled billions from the people of Nigeria while millions lived in poverty,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Raman.

    “This is the largest civil forfeiture action to recover the proceeds of foreign official corruption ever brought by the department. Through our Kleptocracy Initiative, we are seizing the assets of foreign leaders who steal funds that properly belong to the citizens they serve. Today’s (yesterday’s) action sends a clear message: we are determined and equipped to confiscate the ill-gotten riches of corrupt leaders who drain the resources of their countries.

    “We will not let the U.S. banking system be a tool for dictators to hide their criminal proceeds,” said Assistant Director in Charge Parlave. “This action demonstrates the FBI’s ability to combat international corruption and money laundering by seizing the assets of those involved. I want to thank the special agents, financial analysts and prosecutors whose hard work over the years resulted in today’s announcement.”

    The over $458 million in frozen funds and the additional assets named in the complaint represent the proceeds of corruption during and after the military regime of Gen. Abacha, who assumed office through a military coup on November 17, 1993. He died in office on June 8, 1998. The complaint alleges that Gen. Abacha, his son Mohammed, their associate Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and others embezzled, misappropriated and extorted billions from the government of Nigeria and others, then laundered their criminal proceeds through the purchase of bonds backed by the United States using U.S. financial institutions.

  16. A child should learn2respect his elders,so he can b respected wen he becomes an elder..wale soyinka u have2face d music

  17. Well spoken sadiq,the truth remains the truth.I don’t see how some one of Repute like prof.wole will extinct fire by using grass dispite his know how.some people behave like angels when they are not,some looked like demons when they are not,but one who cannot let the past go,is worsed than the devil.abacha has done his part of the service to his mother land.some may not like him,but power comes from God.may his soul rest in peace.shalom.

  18. Hmmm. Nothing to say over these. But, I will use this oppotunity, to urge the both of you and whole entire nigerian’s, to uphold, be patients, and let the byegone be byegone please. Is better to look deeply for our future life! Than discursing on byegone theories. Plz, as nigerian’s, let’s come together and fight for our great nation, in other to share wonderful and extremly life together as one. IBRAHIM MOHAMMED TUKUR.

  19. Wow!! Well said Sadiq. Wole soyinka has really showed us the pride in a man, and has shown a similar trait with our oppressors. I was a mere child during the regem of the late Sani Abacha, I heard a lot of things about him, most were unpleasing. I took time to learn about the man himself and how he changed the nation. We are all mere mortals and shouldn’t judge, cause we aren’t perfect. Mistakes are bound to be made and forgiveness given. The prof has really shown that he can’t forgive. I support the award given to the late leader, because he ruled this country and shaped it up.

  20. Let your praise singers continue fooling you. Those who lost loved ones and had to live in constant fear of death under your father will continually curse your family for generations to come. Even if the government glorifies the thievery and intolerance of your father, and a million people proclaim him saint, God above will continually met justice to all men.
    Where you should continually hide your face in shame, you have the guts to talk. Your father, Boko-Haram and Hitler are in the same category whether you like it or not. Even Hitler till date has praise singers and fanatics….even extreme fanatics so your father having praise singers is not news.
    Of course a son will defend his father’s honor, but let that son be well informed before speaking. A father is always a saint in his children’s eyes.
    Please also prepare your so called “informed” response to the US Department of Justice Mr. Writer.

  21. I’m not a fan of Abacha, my family suffered heavily during his regime. However, i like the intelligence of Sadiq’s article and the clarification of facts Soyinka saw fit to twist to perfection. Nigerians are gullible and love to hate the government irrespective of who rules. The renowned writer has made a great career being an avid government critic, and like most Westerners will like to remind us how Abiola ‘won’ the 1993 election even though on ‘official’ winner was announced.

    My point is, we have Shagari, Buhari, OBJ, IBB amongst others to pick on who are as guilty as Abacha in pulling Nigeria down, yet no one refers to their past atrocities, rather they find in convenient to pick on the family of a dead man.

  22. Wow. Very impressive Sadeeq. “Facts are what they are”.
    God bless the late General Sani Abacha for his economic reforms and remarkable achievements and may God also bless Ken Saro wiwa.


  23. Ole omo baraho the king of thiefs! Jobless fool, still living on blood money. Your ass should be prison. Law of karma awaits your whole family.

  24. Let us focus on d Problem of dis nation and live out dis sadiq/yinka’s insults nd reply.we hav more problems to Fight for.

  25. I cried fr u sadiq bcos u lacked wisdom n have no shame.u wld hv scored gud marks if u didn’t insult prof n just explain n beg nig fr forgvness.if we dnt rembr d evil done by past leaders,d future leaders wl be worst n d country wl not grow.ur father was evil n u shld be ashamed n beg if u most write.

  26. Sadiq was educated with ill-gotten wealth, so why will his stimulis to issues will not be crooked and unpolished. Good name is better than riches and gold and when a once thief puts or wears a hard earn garment, such outfit will never be far away from the element of doubt. The acclaimed achievements that you mentioned are just a mere efforts compare to the magnitude of damage and terror that your late father unleached on people. Your father have no regard to the basic fundamental human rights, his regime brought hardship, ghasing of teeth, wailing and weeping to many people. Sadiq, imagine your relatives are Ken Saro-Wiwa and those murdered by father, how will you feel? I adviced you to go for change of name because “Abacha” have been dragged in a mud water.

  27. I dnt knw y sm people go to sch to become fools…soyinka…Abacha’s award is nt given 4 any gud or bad governmnt but as a honour of being a president,……nd it is said let give to ceaser wat is to ceaser…no 1 can undo wat is done in Yobe…d Cenetary celebration…is a must do…..lastly I dear soyinka to criticive a living past head of state…abe him neva her of letter bomb

  28. Hm….., let me confess, I’ve not really had much respect for the “Abachas” as much as I had n still have for the late General Abacha himself, but reading through Sadiq’s letter tonight I think I don’t only have respect for d ABACHAs, I’m falling in love with U Mazi Sadiq Abacha. Your intelligence is second to none and ur sincerity is truly appetizing….. Olorogun Sadiq, I know I’m a Christian man n U’r a Muslim man but hey, I wana be ur friend for real cuz I LIKE UR TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY, ARTICULATION and INTELLIGENCE. And as for U, yes I mean U reading my comment ryt now, try put up a smile and follow me on [email protected] THANKs a lot. Wa’dooo…….!

  29. Late General Sani Abacha deserved the award.i think is better so call Wole Soyinka go bury him self somewhere…have loss my respect for him.To be a leader is not an easy task, as a Chairman of FRSC board what was he able to do? nothing!!!!!! Is high time people like Soyinka keep quiet, I think he have Late Sani Abacha in mind.May Soul rest in peace (ameen)

  30. Atlas he have accepted f.r.s.c.offer during aback regime, which means if oga steal then the followers too are the thieves. we want you to contest for presidential sit Mr. soynka.

  31. I wonder y dis man(wole) like criticising people…I don’t even know wat he sees in living wit d past. A note of apology is also included in Sadiq’s letter been address to all Nigerians. Let all join hands to move dis nation to a greater height. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  32. I want to support either Abacha or Wole Soyinka. forget about what this spoilt brat wrote here. Going by the 3 laws at the beginning of this letter, was Sani Abacha a saint? if not should everybody keep quiet?. In ideal society. sadiq wont be able to post this rant

  33. I see fools all around. His father was a mass murderer and you give him a pat on the back #cool. If your family has experienced some of the bloodshed abacha instigated in this country, you won’t be spitting dust, you bloody hypocrites!

  34. Nigerians can’t think properly! pls kindly compare the stastics well before pasting your raves n rants

    the number of deaths in abachas regime vs Others esp Jonathan
    number of looters in abachas reg vs others
    infact price of petrol
    u talking abt ken saro wiwas death what of the tens of journalists that lost their lives in ur so called Democratic regimes
    or the 234 girls in God knows where.
    every live is sacred! n like fela said ‘gbogbo won lole’ ati abacha ati Soyinka none is a saint. all sought for ways to loot the country n if an average Nigerian is asked he or she would say n do the same thing! thieves

  35. Can someone point out a saint or a sinner today in Nigeria yes the rich are saints the poor sinners or the other way round you just have to judge for yourself

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