See What These Kids Have To Say About Caitlyn Jenner (VIDEO)

See What These Kids Have To Say About Caitlyn Jenner (VIDEO)

By Sheryl Sanni | Staff Reporter on June 11, 2015
Bruce Caitlyn Jenner (Credit: Vanity Fair)

When news of former Olympian and Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star, Bruce Jenner’s debut as Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair broke, there were very many different reactions to the situation. Some praised him for his courage, some were appalled at his decision to live life as a woman, others were indifferent while quite a few Nigerian celebrities saw the comedy behind it all.

However, after all the adults have aired their views concerning the situation, it’s time to hear what the children think.

In a survey conducted on about 6 children by She Knows Media’s Hatch program, the children were shown a picture of Jenner the Olympian in mid race and asked what they saw. The children reported seeing ‘strong arms’ and a man running.

They were then shown a picture of Jenner the woman wearing a red dress sitting in a car and the coordinator again asked what they thought of her. One of the children described her as ‘confident’, yet another said she looked ‘happy,’ one admitted to liking her dress and another said “She looks like she’s in charge and she knows what she’s doing.”

The children were later informed that both the man and the woman were one and the same person. They expressed great shock as some of them obviously couldn’t comprehend what they were been told and one child asked, “How could a boy turn into a girl? That’s impossible.”

One of the children after having recovered from the initial shock and said, “If that’s how she is then that’s fine.” While another asserted that, “It’s important to be yourself because if you’re not yourself, then who are you?”

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