#SoundOff: Insecurity In Nigeria And The Road To 2023 (READ)

#SoundOff: Insecurity In Nigeria And The Road To 2023 (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on July 7, 2022
President Muhammadu Buhari visits Kuje Prison after terrorist attack on July 6, 2022

It’s sad week for Nigeria. There were separate attacks on different government institutions and officials.

Several news sources reported that the Presidential convoy was attacked which lead to at least two injuries and also, the main prison in Abuja, the Kuje prison, was attacked.

Additionally, two policers were reportedly killed in Katsina state. This is the same state where the President’s convoy was attacked.

These series of attacks are more than alarming and worrisome for this nation. A nation already bedevilled by numerous challenges.

The Kuje prison’s attack led to the escape of many inmates. It is highly disturbing that notorious criminals are on the streets of Abuja alongside innocent citizens. And again, the Nigerian situation has played out; all we get are statements issued by spokespersons. The silence of action from the presidency is even more disturbing at this moment.

Continuously, Nigerians are left with the only option of self defense and self preservation in a country where a leader was elected to perform this feat. What do we do now ? should be a question on the minds of every citizen. The Nigerian situation is best described as a hopeless one. Hopelessness is usually witnessed in failed states and I hope our beloved Nigeria doesn’t end up like that.

It was also reported that President Buhari visited the Kuje prison after the attack. I don’t think visitations are substantial enough at this point. Someone should have been sacked for such height of incompetence. The sequence of attacks has shown the lackadaisical state of our security and intelligence agencies. The President should do more or forget about leaving a legacy.

Is there another chance to redeem ourselves in 2023 ? Well, let’s just hope it won’t be too late for that.

This is still 2022 and our problems just keeps escalating. I hope Nigerians are seeing clearly and it would be pleasing if without prejudice, we can analyse what is going on in our space and who can properly deal with the menace of security challenges in the country.

All Presidential Candidates should take this occurrence as an example of what to expect if elected. It’s not all about trending on social media or making bold and needless statements. Governance is all about responsibility.

In 2023, every eligible Nigerian would be required to vote. Actually, every Nigerian eligible, should be required to vote ‘wisely’. The past seven years would have thought us the importance of electing competence over ethnicity and religion. The future of the Nigerian state depends on our choices come the 2023 elections.

Although, there have been several threats about not holding elections in some sections of the country but i hope in the end, rationale shall prevail.

My appeal to every voter is – ‘Please vote wisely’.

Chinedum Anayo is a social media commentator who sent this letter to The Trent Editor. He can be reached by email HERE

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