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Spirit And Life Devotional: We Are The Answer

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Daniel 5:11-12 NKJV “There is a man in your kingdom in whom is the Spirit of the Holy God. And in the days of your father, light and understanding and wisdom, like the wisdom of the gods, were found in him; and King Nebuchadnezzar your father—your father the king—made him chief of the magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans, and soothsayers. Inasmuch as an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles, and explaining enigmas were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar, now let Daniel be called, and he will give the interpretation.”

What got my attention is the fact that the queen was so sure that Daniel would interpret the writing on the wall. And she knew that the Spirit of God in him was the difference between Daniel and the others.

I like how Elihu said it, “I said, ‘Age should speak, And multitude of years should teach wisdom.’ But there  is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding.” Job 32:7-8.

If you have received the Holy Spirit in you, you ought to be outstanding. There’s got to be works! There’s got to be results! There’s got to be extraordinary manifestations! The Holy Spirit was not given for our excitement, but that we would become the answer to the needs of the world. Jesus went about doing good! Peter said, “Look on us!” In your office, at home, in school, men should be able to look up to you! Yes! Hallelujah!

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