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Recover ALL Lost Data With Stellar All-in-One Free Data Recovery Software [REVIEW]

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The days when you lose all your data when you suffer a system crash or virus attack is over. With the introduction of data recovery software in the market, you can easily recover your lost files, documents, photos, and emails if you suffer an unexpected systems crash.

There are numerous free data recovery software available for purchase online. From our experiences, the most comprehensive one is the Stellar Free Data Recovery Software.

With Stellar, you can recover all lost or deleted data from as many storage devices as are available to you – hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, and so many others.

The software also allows you to retrieve lost or deleted partitions of your hard drive.

How Does It Work

Stellar works in three simple stages. You SELECT the media you want to recover. Then you BEGIN THE SCANNING, then you SAVE YOUR FILES. The slideshow below this screenshot shows the process of how the software works.

stellar all in one data recovery software

9 Notable Features of the Stellar Free Data Recovery Software

Preview Deleted Files Before Recovery
Some recovery software don’t permit you to preview what you want to recover. But Stellar does. That way, you can select what want and what you wish to discard.

Multiple Saving Options
You have the option of saving in a wide range of file options including Zip folders.

Deep Scan
You can automatically switch to the ‘Deep Scan’ setting which gives you the assurance that no files or documents have been left behind in your search for your lost data.

Enhanced Search Features
With this feature you can search for a particular file on your system or a specific file type. And you can make your search location specific.

Accidentally Lost or Deleted File Recovery
Stellar permits you to recover files even after you deleted them from the recycle bin. Even when your system says it has been deleted permanently, you can use this free data recovery software to recover your files. That way, accidentally deleted files can be selected, recovered, and resaved on the system.

Recover Data From Lost or Deleted Partition
There is a ‘Can’t Find Drive’ option during the select location interface that will help you recover data from lost or deleted partition on your system. It is simple and an uncommon feature with data recover software.

Recover Deleted Emails
With Stellar, you can recover email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes etc. You can restore the email folders and not lose their original format.

Recover Photos, Images, Videos, Audios
Nothing hurts like losing images, videos, audio recordings that cannot be recreated. When a system crashes or suffers a virus attack, those are the most vulnerable data. But this feature gives you the opportunity to recover those cherished moments locked in your files.

Almost 200 Supported File Types
Stellar supports just about every kind of file type. The snapshot below shows the kind of files available for you.


Stellar is available for free download on the company’s website. There are different products for Microsoft and for Mac. Prices – with various options – range from $59 to $599. It depends on your options.

Visit the product’s website to try out the free download and is one reason why you should join their “over 2 million users” worldwide.

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