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Sunday Thoughts: Holy Water Doesn’t Take The Place Of Seeing A Doctor

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by Emeka Oparah

Too many young people are dying. Everywhere, everyday, you are assaulted with posters bearing the message: “Gone Too Soon!” But why? Eh?

Jesus Christ said: “Those who are sick have need for a physician.”

Jesus, with this declaration, endorsed the role of doctors in the life of a Christian.

So, do not listen to that priest or pastor who tells you to pray and drink holy water without going to the hospital. Avoid those who tell you it’s your mom, dad, uncle or even your wife or child that’s responsible for your sickness. I’m not taking anything away from the devil, but God is supreme. Isn’t He?

Your prayers will make your doctor more effective and your drugs more efficacious. Combine them; there’s never an overdose there.

Before the doctors and drugs, listen to your body. Do not ignore signs that suggest that all is not well with you. And you should know your body. Or you’re a walking dead.

Please avoid self-medication. Consult a doctor. Don’t patronize quacks or self-medicate or ask a a “Chemist” in the corner store to recommend “something”. See a doctor.

The N2000-N5000 for registration and consultation isn’t as much as what you spend on Guinness, Shine-Shine Bobo, Origin, Life, Nkwobi, Isi-ewu, assorted, etc.

Jesus said, remember, those who are sick have need for a physician. So?

So, y’all know what’s up. Health is wealth. Remember the last time you had common Malaria, how useless you felt. That’s what’s up, my brethren.

For those who even have health insurance cards, provided by their employers, please go and check yourself. A failing kidney can be arrested. Cancer, found in good time, can be cured. Ditto every other ailment.

Prevention, the wiseman said, is better than cure.

This is practical Christianity, my brethren. God bless y’all. And do have a Happy Sunday.

Emeka Oparah is a social commentator and public relations professional. He is on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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