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Cool Stuff: Man Invents Pills To Make Farts Smell Like Chocolates And Roses (PHOTO, VIDEO)

A 65-year-old French inventor Christian Poincheval claims to have created pills that gives sweet fragrance to the embarrassing smells accompanied by farts. According to him,...

Wet & Wild: SEE The Bikini That Melts Away In Water Driving Men Crazy (PHOTO)

This dissolvable bikini is designed to completely melt away just few seconds after getting inside water leaving the wearer stark naked. Much to the expectations...

So Cool: Inventors Create T-Shirt That Repels Water And Dirt (PHOTOS)

Threadsmiths, a Melbourne-based clothing and technology company, has created a special t-shirt that could very well revolutionize the garment industry. Their new line of 100...

Introducing The SEX TOY Necklace You Can Wear Pretty Much Anywhere (PHOTOS)

Oh hi, thanks, yes, I just got it in this boutique jewellery store (Picture: Crave) You can now officially bring your vibrator with you everywhere, without...

INCREDIBLE: Physicist-Turned-Cook Invents Ice Cream That Changes Color as It Melts (PHOTOS)

The latest invention of Manuel Linares, a Spanish physicist-turned-cook, proves that physics isn’t all about boring theories and formulae, it can be really fun...

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