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Reno Omokri

Did Atiku Abubakar Just Join Instagram… Or Was It A Social Media Activist? [LOOK]

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has definitely been taking social media seriously in the past three months when he joined Twitter in November 2013. Now,...

Daily Meditations: Love Begets Love

If we love only those who love us, this world would be full of hate because everyone will be waiting to be loved before...

Daily Meditations: You May Be Broke But You Are Not Poor!

A lot of people are broke but think they are poor so they act poor and eventually become poor. There will be times in your...

Daily Meditations: Christ In Disguise

Throughout The Bible we see that God prefers to use men and women of low estate, yet the people of this world prefer to...

Reno Omokri: Mandela And The Desperation Of The Nigerian Opposition Linked Media

by Reno Omokri A funeral is not a place to go and shine. It is a place to go and mourn. As such, it is...

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